<b> COSPAR-18 for the CMB session E1.2 <font color = "brown"> Knocking on Heaven's Door: CMB in Pursuit of the Footprint of Inflation </b> </font> COSPAR-18 CMB Session E1.2

COSPAR Session Organizers: G. Rocha, and K.M. Gorski

graca rocha

Knocking on Heavens Door: CMB in Pursuit of the Footprint of Inflation


Session 1: The Legacy of Planck Mission

1. Introduction to the Planck day at COSPAR by Graca Rocha

2. The Planck mission by Jan Tauber

3. LFI Maps by Davide Maino

4. The HFI Frequency Maps by Jean-Loup Puget

5. Planck Likelihood analysis by Karim Benabed

6. Cosmological parameters derived from Planck by Silvia Galli

7. The Planck 2018 CMB Maps by R. Belen Barreiro

8. Isotropy and Statistics of the Planck Maps by Krzysztof Gorski

9. Planck 2018 CMB lensing by Julien Carron

10. Cosmological Non-Gaussinity in the Planck Maps by Benjamin Wandelt

11. Constraints on Inflation from Planck by Fabio Finelli

12. The astrophysics of the magnetised dusty interstellar medium by Francois Boulanger

13. The Planck scientific legacy by Francois Bouchet

14. Beyond Planck by Nazzareno Mandolesi


Session 2: The future of CMB Exploration

1. The CIB as seen by Planck: New Insights into the CIB-CMB Lensing Cross Correlation by Daniel Lenz

2. Why B modes? by Marc Kamionkowski

3. Measuring the diffuse FIR polarized dust emission with PILOT for the quest of CMB B-modes by Jonathan Aumont

4. PASIPHAE: Clearing the path to experimental tests of inflation by Konstantinos Tassos

5. LiteBIRD for B-mode from space by Masashi Hazumi

6. PICO: the Probe of Inflation and Cosmic Origins by Charles Lawrence

7. The Primordial Inflation Explorer by Alan Kogut

8. The Next Generation Ground-Based Cosmic Microwave Background Experiment CMB-S4 by John Carlstrom

9. BICEP constraints on Primordial Gravitational Waves, current and future by John Kovac

10. Cosmology with the South Pole Telescope: Status and Future Plans by Bradford Benson


graca rocha

Graca Rocha
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