Economics 223b: Empirical Methods for Industrial Organization

Meeting times and location: Tues/Thurs 2:30-4pm.



Lecture notes and handouts

  • All lecture notes in one file here

  • Estimating demand in discrete-choice differentiated product markets Notes Tables
    McFadden (1978) "Modelling the Choice of Residential Location"
    McFadden (1981)"Econometric Models of Probabilistic Choice"
    Berry (1994, RAND)
    Berry, Levinsohn, and Pakes (1995, ECMA)

  • Single-agent dynamic models (part 1) Notes; Tables;
    Rust (1987, Harold Zurcher paper) PDF
    Rust (1994, Handbook of Econometrics) PDF

  • Single-agent dynamic models (part 2): alternative estimation techniques; identification Notes ;
    Pesendorfer-Schmidt-Dengler (2008)
    Aguirregabiria-Mira (2007)
    Bajari, Chernozhukov, Hong, Nekipelov (2009)
    Su-Judd's MPEC approach: Notes

  • Single-agent dynamic models (part 3): models with persistent unobservables Notes 1; Notes 2;
    Papers: Pakes (1986); Hu-Shum paper Hu-Kayaba-Shum paper
    Particle filtering: Fernandez-Villaverde and Rubio-Ramirez (2006); Flury-Shepard (2008);

  • Background: simulation techniques PDF

  • Dynamic games/oligopoly PDF
    Esteban-Shum paper
    Ryan paper
    Goettler-Gordon paper

  • Empirical auction models Notes Tables
    Supplementary: theory primer Part 1 Part 2
    Laffont-Ossard-Vuong paper (PDF)
    Guerre-Perrigne-Vuong paper (PDF)
    Haile-Hong-Shum paper (PDF)
    Haile-Tamer paper (PDF)

  • Entry I PDF
    Bresnahan-Reiss paper Berry paper

  • Entry II: static discrete games, moment inequalities, and partial identification PDF
    Ciliberto-Tamer paper
    Beresteanu-Molchanov-Molinari paper
    Ho-Ho-Mortimer paper
    Shi-Shum paper
    Holmes paper

  • Intro: IV and natural experiments PDF

  • Program evaluation approach to demand analysis PDF
    Papers: Angrist, Graddy, Imbens (2000, RES); (working paper)

  • Collusion PDF
    Porter (1983) paper

  • Problem Sets

    Problem set: Simulation PDF
    Problem set: BLP methodology PDF; Workbook1.txt (data in text-delimited format)
    Problem set: Single-agent dynamic discrete-choice PDF Test code for questions 1-3 (Thanks to Yutaka Kayaba!)
    Problem set: Auctions PDF
    Problem set: IV and natural experiments PDF
    Problem set: entry and simulation PDF dataset
    Problem set: dynamic programming PDF