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Snowflake Books
   ... Awesome pictures and so much more ...

Which book is best for you?  It depends ...
* The Art of the Snowflake is a LARGE book (10.5x12 inches, 156 pages), printed on heavy paper, with many of my best snowflake photographs -- over 500 in all!  Many are full-page prints, so you can see every detail.  Accompanying text describes the different types of snowflakes, along with information on where and how the photographs were taken.  This is a breathtaking photo album of snowflakes -- I guarantee lots of "oohs" and "aahs" when people find this book on your coffee table!  And it's a terrific buy for around $20 at Amazon -- order here.

* The Snowflake: Winter's Secret Beauty is a medium-sized book (8.5x10 inches, 112 pages) that tells the story of snowflakes -- what they are, how they grow, and why they appear in so many spectacular, symmetrical forms.  The book also describes some of the colorful history of snowflake science and photography.  This is a popular-science book about all aspects of snowflakes, illustrated with over 200 awesome photographs.  Under $15 at Amazon -- order here.

* The Secret Life of a Snowflake (8.5x11 inches, 48 pages) is a children's book about snowflakes, aimed at readers from 6-12 years old. Illustrated with full-page snowflake photographs, line drawings, and a variety of other photographs, this book tells the story of snowflakes in abridged form.  It is a quick read and educational for children and anyone else who has ever wondered about snowflakes.  About $12 at Amazon -- order here.

* The Little Book of Snowflakes is a "stocking stuffer" of a snowflake book.  It contains many beautiful pictures along with snow-related quotations and facts.  The book makes a lovely, inexpensive gift for anyone.  About $7 at Amazon -- order here.

* Ken Libbrecht's Field Guide to Snowflakes is a small book that's packed with information.  It describes all the different types of snowflakes in glorious detail, including annotated sketches and many photographs.  The text describes how snowflakes grow and form in detail.  If you want to go outside and really look at snowflakes, this is your book.  About $10 at Amazon -- order here.

* Snowflakes a chunky book that's packed with over 500 snowflake photographs and literary quotations.  This is a delightful gift book!  About $15 at Amazon -- order here.

* The Magic of Snowflakes is a postcard book containing 22 tear-out snowflake postcards.  About $5 at Amazon -- order here.

These books all make beautiful gifts!  Just be sure to get some for yourself as well!

More about the books ...

The Art of the Snowflake: A Photographic Album    
                                     -- by Kenneth Libbrecht
    The is the ultimate book of snowflake photographs!  It contains over 500 pictures of all different types of snowflakes, in beautiful colors and showing exquisite detail.  You just have to heft this volume to get the full impact -- it's a large coffee-table book, a feast to the eyes, with high-quality printing on nice, thick paper, that will elicit great "oohs" and "aahs" from everyone who sees it.  For all you get, this work of art is very reasonably priced (how do they do it?).
    The book is first and foremost an album of photographs, but it also contains text describing the different types of snowflakes, why they are so symmetrical and unique, and how the photographs were taken.

Published 9/2007, 156 pages, 10.5x12 inches.  To see reviews or buy, click on the Amazon links at right.



The Snowflake: Winter’s Secret Beauty   
                      -- by Kenneth Libbrecht and Patricia Rasmussen
    In a nutshell, this book tells the wonderful story of snowflakes.  Illustrated with many stunning photographs, the book describes what snowflakes are, why they grow into such elaborate structures, and why they are so beautifully symmetrical.  It also looks at snowflakes throughout history, as an object of photography, and in our weather.  The Snowflake is a perfect gift for anyone who would like to know more about  these fascinating examples of Nature's art.
Published 11/2003, 112 pages, 8.5x10 inches.

* To see reviews or buy, click on the Amazon links at right.

* To see more reviews and information about this book, scroll down on this page.


Ken Libbrecht's Field Guide to Snowflakes   
                                             -- by Kenneth Libbrecht
If you live in a cold climate, then you want this book!  It lists and describes all the different types of snow crystals that you can discover for yourself falling from the sky.  It's a pocket-sized reference and a handy field guide for anyone who wants to take a closer look at snowflakes, complete with hundreds of photographic examples and sketches of the menagerie of snow crystal types. 
Published 10/2006, 112 pages, 5.25x8 inches.

* The Guide to Snowflakes gives you a small taste of what you will find in this book.

 * Ken Libbrecht's Field Guide to Snowflakes was featured on The Martha Stewart Show in the fall of 2006....


                                             -- by Kenneth Libbrecht
This book is perfect for just paging through on a quiet evening, when you want to be amazed by the wonder of nature and the delightful beauty of snowflakes.  It is a chunky book with over 500 photographs along with snowflake-related literary quotations.
Published 10/2008, 512 pages, 6.5x6.5x1.3 inches.


littlebook0.jpg (8757 bytes) The Little Book of Snowflakes   
                               -- by Kenneth Libbrecht
A "stocking stuffer" of a snowflake book, including over a hundred gorgeous pictures, together with snow-related quotations and snowflake facts. 
Published 10/2004, 96 pages, 6x6 inches.

* This book is also available combined with a set of snowflake note cards in a gift box.  See the links at right.


Foreign Language Editions:
The Snowflake: Winter's Secret Beauty ... reprinted in French, German, Korean, Greek, and Japanese:
The Little Book of Snowflakes ... reprinted in Estonian:

x040123a103-570.jpg (3701 bytes) x031230b034-570.jpg (4777 bytes) x031230c006-570.jpg (3293 bytes)You can also find snowflake prints and posters for sale at the Snowflake Store.


The Snowflake: Winterís Secret Beauty  

Some reviews:
"... a well-written and well illustrated book that will appeal to a wide audience, from artist to scientist, nature lover to techno-geek.  I give this book my highest recommendation."  -- Keith Heidorn, The Weather Doctor

"Along with the magic comes plenty of science.  Once I picked up the book, I could not put it down until I read it cover to cover.  As I was reading, I felt that lesson plans were practically jumping from the pages.  What better way to learn science and apply it to real life!"  --  National Science Teachers Association Recommends

"Half encyclopedia, half picture book, Snowflake appeals to the kid and photographer in you.  Writer Kenneth Libbrecht gives an authoritative account of wonders and little-known facts about snowflakes."  --  Popular Photography

"The physics of snow crystals is fascinating, and so, to, is Libbrecht's history of the science of snowflakes ... And then there are Rasmussen's exquisite photographs of these most evanescent of gems."  -- Booklist

"Along with Rasmussen's photographs, Libbrecht offers a rich and readable synthesis of the physics, mathematics and chemistry that go into making a snow crystal.  You'll be sharing some of his gems at the dinner table."  -- Star Tribune

"The great thing about reading books is that sometimes you stumble across what can only be described as an unexpected treasure.  The Snowflake certainly fits that description."  -- Oakland Press

"These color images are stunning examples of the diversity of the crystals.  Libbrecht's text is an interesting introduction to complex structures in general and into the mysteries of how snowflakes are made."  -- Science News

"With a combination of scientific and poetic ruminations, the author provides an artful blend of appreciation and examination."  -- Foreword Magazine

"Behold the majesty of snowflakes in this gorgeous new book ... up-close and personal photos ..."  -- Northshire Bookstore Online

benfranklin2004.gif (9789 bytes)Winner, Benjamin Franklin Book Award, 2004
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