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Snowflake Movies
   ... Watching snowflakes grow ...
   If you can make snowflakes in the lab, then you can make time-lapse movies of them growing.  It turns out to be fairly difficult (much harder than still pictures), so for now I only have a few.  But I'm building some improved hardware, so check back later for more movies.

Snow Crystal Movie    Click the image (0.8 MByte) to see a time-lapse movie of a growing snow crystal that was cycled back and forth between roughly -15 C and -12 C.  Sectored plates grew slowly at -12 C, while at -15 C dendritic arms spouted quickly from the tips of the plates.   The total elapsed time for the movie is 70 minutes.
   Click the first image at right to see another movie (0.8 Mbyte).  Or, if you have a fast connection, click on the last image at right for a larger version of the same movie (3 Mbyte).   The larger movie may take a while to download.
xt17061x2.jpg (7968 bytes)One more movie - a view somewhat from the side of a growing stellar dendrite (taken by Vicky Tanusheva in my lab).

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