Ec 105: Firms, Competition, and Industrial Organization

Meeting times and location: TTh 10.30am-12 noon. Baxter 128.
  • There will be no class meeting on Thursday, October 17.
  • MIDTERM EXAM DATE (tentative): Thursday Oct 31 (in-class).

    Lecture Notes:
  • Syllabus, introduction and Costs PDF

  • Perfect Competition and Monopoly PDF

  • Oligopolistic Competition PDF
    Mixed strategies in tennis matches? (Walker and Wooders paper) PDF
    Edgeworth cycles in gasoline: Perth, Australia (Wang paper) PDF
    Edgeworth cycles in gasoline: Toronto, Canada (Noel paper) PDF

  • Cartels and collusion I PDF
  • Cartels and collusion II PDF
    Collusive pricing in supermarkets? (Chevalier, Kashyap, Rossi paper) PDF
    Case study: the Joint Exective Committee (Porter paper) PDF

  • Incumbent advantage. Entry deterrence and accommodation PDF
    Entry deterrence in pharmaceuticals? (Ellison and Ellison paper) PDF

  • Product differentiaion PDF
    Excessive entry in radio markets? (Berry and Waldfogel paper) PDF

  • Price discrimination (Part 1) PDF
  • Price discrimination (Part 2: nonlinear pricing) PDF
    Nonlinear pricing in coffee (McManus paper) PDF

  • Information Costs Part 1: Search and price dispersion PDF
    Search in online book markets: sequential vs. non-sequential (de los Santos, Hortacsu, Wildenbeest paper) PDF
    Search in gasoline markets (Lewis and Marvel paper) PDF
  • Information Costs Part 2: Adverse selection and moral hazard PDF

  • Vertical control PDF
    Downstream moral hazard in perfume markets (Chevalier and Carlton paper) PDF

  • Games with asymmetric information: Auctions

    Problem sets:
  • Problem set #1 PDF DUE: Tuesday October 15, 2019
  • Problem set #2 PDF DUE: Thursday October 24, 2019
  • Project progress report PDF DUE: Thursday, November 14, 2019
  • Problem set #3 PDF DUE:
  • Progress report on paper (3 pgs). DUE: