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A musical of both substance and comedy, Boldly Go! follows the intrepid
crew of the Starship Enterprise, along with some new characters, on an
exciting and hilarious adventure. Assumptions will be confronted,
paradigms challenged, alliances tested, and new contacts made – whether
for good or ill as yet to be seen. And it’s all set to a side-splitting
tour de force of musical mayhem! While having fun with the sometimes
farcical aspects of science fiction and parodying Star Trek, this new
show, written by brothers Cole Remmen and Caltech theoretical physics
graduate student Grant Remmen, also satirizes the musical theatre genre.
At its core, Boldly Go! is a story about being true to oneself and one’s
convictions, about friendship and love, about discovery and wonder, about
the triumph of the individual over adversity, and about the joy of sharing
with each other this vast and mysterious Universe.