Behold! Here is my academic family

Thomas Francis Miller and his group at Caltech in the summer of 2019
I joined Tom Miller's group as a graduate student in December, 2018. It is a diverse theory group: our research areas span the whole spectrum from Classical (MD-based) approaches to fully quantum wavefunction-based approaches, spiced with some machine learning and with quantum dynamics for dessert. I am currently working on implementation, development and applications of Path-integral methods (RPMD, PIMC).

Dvira Segal and her group in the summer of 2018

I worked with Professor Dvira Segal for three summers after my sophomore, junior and senior year. My research in Dvira's group focused on charge transport through DNA. Specifically, I, Hyewang Kim and Michael investigated conductance and thermopower of GC-rich DNA sequences in the intermediate coherent-incoherent regime. We used DFT-NEGF (Landauer), complemented with Buttiker probes to model electron-phonon scattering during the passage of charge carriers through long chains. This method allows one to calculate transport properties (thermal and electrical conductance, thermopower, figure of merit etc.) for any system hamiltonian. This talk neatly summarizes the DNA charge transport project.

Professor Jeremy Schofield with me on my graduation day, June 15 2018

Professor Jeremy Schofield is my undergraduate thesis supervisor. We looked for a solution of the diffusion equation for non-trivial potentials, characteristic of the bond-making and breaking during protein folding in his coarse-grained model.

My final presentation at the Weitzman Institute of Science, Rehovot, Israel
Prof. Boris Rybtchinski
Dr. Shaked Rosenne, a former Graduate student in Rybtchinski lab

In the summer after my freshman year, I worked with Dr. Shaked Rosenne under the supervision of Prof. Boris Rybtchinski as a participant of the Kupzinet-Getz summer research program at the Weitzman Institute of Science, Israel. There I explored self-assembly of perylene diimine (PDI) derivatives in aqueous medium. During an 8-week program, I did a small organic synthesis and analyzed the aggregates using UV-VIS Absorbance, Fluorescence, SEM and cryo-TEM.

Assoc. Prof. Ulrich Fekl
David Armstrong and Fioralba Taullaj presenting their poster at the Inorganic Discussion Weekend-2015

I voluntered in Fekl lab as a freshman, exploring metal-organic synthetic approaches, aiming at novel derivatives of adamantane and learned a lot of important synthetic skills. Associate Professor Ulrich Fekl at the University of Toronto Mississauga campus together with his graduate student David Armstrong were my first supervisors in university. I also attended my first chemistry conference, the Inorganic Discussion Weekend-2014 as a member of Fekl lab.

Assoc. Prof. Yanchuk Oleksandr Mykolayovych
Apparatus for electrochemical synthesis: AC current generator, a voltmeter, and a thermal bath.
I have been awarded 'The student of the year' in Volyn Region and I am standing with the prize next to my mentors: Assoc. Prof. Yanchuk Oleksandr Mykolayovych, Dr. Yagenska Halyna Vasylivna (my biology teacher), Mrs. Bobak Nadiya Vasylivna (my chemistry teacher)

In grade 11 (final grade in Ukraine) I worked with Associate Professor Oleksandr Yanchuk at the Eastern-European National university in my hometown, Lutsk. There I was developing electrochemical synthesis of ZnO nanoparticles to achieve uniform shape, and to reduce particle size and polidispersity. I presented this project at several competitions, and won multiple awards, including first prizes at all three of MAS-2014, Intel-Eco Ukraine (national stage of Intel ISEF) and the National Ecology Olympiad.

Presenting my project to the head jury of the National Ecology Project Olympiad, Assoc. Prof. Bezrukov Volodymyr Fedorovych
Roman Korol, Iryna Repetylo and Daria Borovlova holding the Ukrainian flag and wearing their medals after the awards ceremony at the International Ecology Project Olympiad (INEPO-2013) in Istanbul, Turkey

In grade 10 I studied pigment and heavy metal content in the leaves of decorative trees as a part of my ecology project with Dr. Halyna Yagenska (my biology and ecology teacher) and Assoc. Prof. Vasyl Voitiuk from department of Biology at the Eastern-European National university. I and my partner, Repetylo Iryna, presented this work at the International Ecology Project Olympiad, INEPO-2013 in Istanbul, Turkey and recieved highest score among about 100 projects from 45 countries, coming home with a gold medal each.

Assoc. Prof. Yaroslav Omelkovec
Fourteen glass slides with about twenty four slices of Cerebella of fish each, all stained with a dark blue dye.

My first research project was the study of Cerebella of aquatic fish in grade 9 with Prof. Yaroslav Omelkovec at the Eastern-European National university in my hometown, Lutsk. This project was supported by the Minor Acedemy of Science (MAN), an organization that funds research projects of high school students under the supervision of professors at the local universities. I presented it at the MAS yearly competition in grade 9, resulting in my first small victory (third prize) at the research contest.