Roman wearing a Vyshyvanka - traditional Ukrainian embroidered shirt

Hello, world!

Hi, I am Roman Korol, a graduate student in Theoretical Chemistry, a member of the Miller group at Caltech. I come from Lutsk, Ukraine. I did my Undergrad in Chemistry at the University of Toronto, Canada. I enjoy learning new stuff, teaching, listening to audiobooks and working out. I am also an amateur Ukrainian folk dancer.

DNA electric junction between gold electrodes

My research

I am interested in dynamics of "large" quantum systems. Currently I am developing and applying semiclassical methods based on Feynman's path-integral approach. During my Undergrad, I mostly worked with Dvira Segal on conductance of DNA molecular wires. Also I studied protein folding with Jeremy Schofield and even made molecules.

Feynman Path Integral approach connecting the quantum and classical mechanics

Curious about stuff?

Check out a collection of free online resources I scrambled over the years for engaging and productive learning here: Resources for students
These courses, books and video lectures helped me learn the concepts as well as excellent teaching techniques from world-class educators.