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  • Telluride School on Theoretical Chemistry

    An orange brick building at the basin of the mountain, where the lectures were held.
    Mountains as seen from a gondola.
    Telluride is a truly special place. Here the natural beauty can be combined with a large dose of science thanks to TSRC. I had a great time at Telluride School of Theoretical Chemistry-2019! Suri Vaikuntanathan told us about master equations, out-of equilibrium phenomena and Langevin equation in overdamped limit. Tim Berkelbach did a terrific job with HF, full and truncated CI, MP-theory (especially the diagrams), topped with CC (of course no DFT). Ignacio Franco managed to squeeze all of quantum dynamics, and Michael Feig covered all one needs to know about Force Fields, MD, modelling at different levels of coarse-graining and enhanced sampling techniques. Wrapping up the school with a 9-hour hike, I came back with new friends, fond memories, useful knowledge and amazing pictures.

    Double rainbow
    gondolas with the rain droplets on them, highlighted by the setting sun
  • Miller Group goes to Yosemite

    Six people from Miller group atop the Half Dome
    Walking back down from the Half Dome
    One of the largest sequoia trees in the world
    An awesome summer group trip to the Yosemite and Sequoia national parks. We saw it all: bears, deer, giant trees, big waterfalls and the glory of Yosemite from atop the famous Half Dome after 5 hours of hiking.

    Roman hugging one of the largest sequoia trees in the world
    Roman, Sebastian and Matt appreciating the height of the sequoia tree
  • Berkeley Statistical Mechanics Meeting

    A panorama-selfie of Miller group in the van driving to the meeting together.
    The poster I presented at the meeting on conductance of DNA
    This is my first time at the annual Berkeley Statistical Mechanics Meeting. For the Miller group, however, attending this conference has been an established tradition. Great science, interesting people, lovely nature - it was a great one!
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  • Joined Miller group

    It's official!!! I am a member of the Miller group. Time to start real work!
  • Holodomor remembrance

    A lit candle
    Every year in the evening of the fourth Saturday of November Ukrainians light a candle on their window porch and remember. We commemorate the deaths of 3-10 million people (according to different estimates) in a purposefully inflicted famine (named Holodomor) under the rule of Stalin in
  • Ukrainian-Brazilian festival

    An advertisement inviting people to the Ukrainian-Brazilian festival on November third, 2018 in Barnsdall Art Part. There is a picture of a woman wearing blue-and-yellow dress, flowers and ribbons.
    A collage of pictures from the festival featuring dancing, Brazilian and Ukrainian food and souvenirs, Ukrainian national clothes, artists.
    Models wearing traditional Ukrainian clothes from different regions.

    Shortly after getting to South California, I reached out to connect to active Ukrainians in the area and found myself as a performer at the Ukrainian-Brazilian festival, organized by Natalia Godzhik. Here is an amateur video of the short performance

  • Fabulous Fall Flying Fair

    A picture of a small plane taken from inside another plane
    Roman in the co-pilot seat experiencing the feeling of flying a small plane.
    The view from a plane window over Pasadena

    A month after joining Caltech I took the opportunity to try how flying a small plane fells. The trial run with an experienced pilot was offered by AACIT as part of their Fabulous Fall Flying Fair. So cool!

  • Started at Caltech

    Official seal of Caltech: an orange filled circle with two arms holding the torch in the middle. 1891 is written on the left. 'California institute of Technology' wraps on the outer edge of the circle.
    And so my scientific journey continues, now at Caltech in Southern California, USA
  • FRI Media Camp

    Roman standing next to a tree listening to a lecture. Trees and a lake in the background. Other people in the foreground.

    FRI (Foundation of Regional Initiatives) is a Ukrainian youth organization. This year they organized a 5-day Media camp at the St. Luka lake, Ukraine. Seminars and Practicals covered: journalism, fake news, SMM, photography, and creative writing.

    A giant fire, surrounded by a semicircle of people a safe distance away.
    A gif, where approximately thirty people mostly in white shirts throw red, green, blue and yellow holi dyes over themselves and others and get sprayed with color.
  • 28th CSTCC

    Presenting a poster "Charge transport in DNA: From Comprehensive Simulations to Key Principles" at the 28th Canadian Symposium on Theoretical and Computational Chemistry. People enjoyed listening about our extension of Landauer-Buttiker probes with Neural Networks.

  • Finally a proud UofT Graduate

    Roman inside a life sized picture frame around the University college tower of the University of Toronto. He is holding his Bachelors diploma.
    Roman and his parents in front of the CN Tower.
  • Desna Year end Performance

    A girl is dancing on the floor in the middle, two guys are applauding her. Other people are dancing in the background.
    A gif of Roman jumping over a girl as part of the Canadiana dance 'Country'

    Desna Ukrainian dance company is training a new generation of dancers in the Desna school. Kids have a yearly performance to showcase their achievements and invite the company to perform. This year the company performed two non-Ukrainian dances: Gypsy and Country.

  • Vyshyvanka day in Toronto

    A group of volunteers wearing matching shirts in front of a giant embroidered photo booth.

    Vyshyvanka day 2018 in Toronto. This holiday is a celebration of a traditional Ukrainian embroidered shirt, called "Vyshyvanka"

  • Visiting Caltech

    Roman is doing a pull-up on top of the mountain

    Enjoying a fantastic hike with Caltech professors and students during the Graduate recruitment weekend and enjoying great conversations with Professors Thomas Miller, Garnet Chan and William Goddard

  • Accepted to Caltech

    Received a warm e-mail from the chair of the chemistry graduate admissions and an awesome chemical theorist Thomas F. Miller III welcoming me to Caltech! So excited =)