The Caltech Playreaders

2020-2021: The 70th Season

All of our readings will be held at 7:30 pm

Tuesday, April 13, 2021

7:30 pm PDT

The Rivals by Richard Brinsley Sheridan

Directed by Mark Kozlowski

Please join us for an encore presentation of The Rivals, originally presented in 2017 by the Caltech Playreaders.

Performance link to Caltech's YouTube channel.

Closed captions are available however they must be enabled (CC button at the bottom of the video frame)

Please note that this performance is only available until April 19th and not on YouTube afterwards.

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This performance was recorded in the Caltech Athenaeum in the Hall of Associates on October 3, 2017

Starring: Mark Kozlowski, Todd Brun, Chandru 'GG' Dhandapani, Stephen E. Kellogg, Mohar Chatterjee, Steve Sobelman, Penelope Chan, Diana St James, Arden Thomas, Utkarsh Mittal, Rob Stirbl

Special thanks to Leslie Maxfield and Caltech's Academic Media Technologies and Communications office for support in hosting this performance on the Caltech YouTube channel.

A Note from the Director

What could be more Romantic than abandoning a life of Privilege and eloping with an impecunious Ensign without the requisite Connexions? To Miss Lydia Languish, voracious Reader of romance Novels, this is an ideal Situation, and she has set her Cap on Ensign Beverley. Unbeknownst to her, Beverly is in fact the alter ego of Captain Jack Absolute, heir to the Fortune of a Baronet and who is merely shamming his lower Station. Will Jack and Lydia escape the Challenges posed by Wealth and popular Approbation of their Union?

The Rivals is a classic comedy of manners first performed in January 1775. It established Richard Brinsley Sheridan as a famous playwright and wit.

The setting: Bath, India. Somewhere between 1775 and present.

Cast of Characters:

FAG Servant to Jack Absolute
THOMAS Coachman to Sir Anthony Absolute
LUCY Maid to Lydia Languish
LYDIA LANGUISH niece to Mrs. Malaprop and Jack's paramour
JULIA MELVILLE paramour to Faulkland
MRS. MALAPROP Lydia's aunt and would-be lover of Sir Lucius O'Trigger
SIR ANTHONY ABSOLUTE a wealthy baronet
CAPTAIN JACK ABSOLUTE disguised as Ensign Beverley
JACK FAULKLAND friend of Jack Absolute
BOB ACRES friend of Jack Absolute
Sir LUCIUS O'TRIGGER an Irish baronet
DAVID servant to Bob Acres