Materials Science Option

Keck Laboratory The Materials Science Option (Department) is located on the second and third floors of the Keck Laboratory, north of the central part of the Caltech campus. Pamela Albertson, the Administrator for the Materials Science Option, has her office in room 337 Keck. The Option Representative (Dept. Head), Prof. Brent Fultz, is located in room 239 Keck.

Materials Science Option          phone: 626 395 4411
mailstop 138-78                     fax: 626 795 6132
California Institute of Technology       send email
Pasadena, California 91125 USA

This unusual picture of the Keck Laboratory was taken in the warm summer of 1986, shortly after the film crew for a major Hollywood motion picture (Project X) had altered our sign and sprayed the area with soap suds. Dr. (now Prof.) Eric Cotts demonstrates his acting skill. The Keck Laboratory has since changed color.

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