Four-circle goniometer of SYNTEX single crystal diffractometer, recently installed by Prof. Sossina Haile. This instrument with its software environment is used primarily for crystal structure determinations. It has been used recently for studies on novel perovskites and solid acids of interest for their proton conductivity. Results have been published in:

S. M. Haile, J. Maier, B. J. Wuensch and R. A. Laudise, STRUCTURE OF NA3YSI6O15 - A UNIQUE SILICATE BASED ON DISCRETE SI6O15 UNITS, AND A POSSIBLE FAST-ION CONDUCTOR Acta Cryst. B 51, 673 (1995).
S. M. Haile, K. D. Kreuer and J. Maier, STRUCTURE OF CS3(HSO4)2(H2PO4) - A NEW COMPOUND WITH A SUPERPROTONIC PHASE TRANSITION Acta Cryst. B 51, 680 (1995).