Prof. Johnson's group meeting

Johnson Group Meeting Schedule

The seminars will be held at 4 pm in Room 111 Keck

May 15	Andy Waniuk 

To be		Paul Kim	Ductile phase reinforced bulk metallic glass 
announced			composites formed by chemical partitioning

May 22	Sven Bossuyt		Free volume and flow in metallic glasses

May 29	Chuck Hays		Conceptual phase diagrams and their application 
				to bulk metallic glass forming alloys  

June 5	Bill Johnson		Phenomenological models for deformation     
				and flow in metallic glasses

June 19	Evgenia Pekarskaya	Mechanisms of deformation and 
				fracture of a BMG composite

June 26	Boonrat Lohwongwatana	

July 10	Paul Kim		Casting bulk metallic glass  
July 17	Joerg Loeffler		Precipitation of icosahedral and crystalline
				phases in Zr based amorphous alloys  

July 24	Hyon-Jee Lee		Centrifuge studies of liquid metal alloys

July 31	Andy Waniuk		Time scales for viscous flow and    
				crystallization in Zr-based BMG alloys	

August 2	Jan Schroers	Crystallization of bulk glass forming liquids  

August 7	Donghua Xu	Control over thermodynamics
				and kinetics in solidification 
August 14	Haein Choi-Yim	Glassy carbon foam composites

Bring refreshments for the group meeting the week after you give a talk.

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