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The Early Years


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Brooks the Wonder Dog -- A Memorial


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Disclaimer #2: These pages haven't been substantially updated since before my leg was broken in August 1996. I've aged a tad by now (2007), so some facts and photo s are no longer accurate - ah, the ravages of time...

Hawaii - The Big Island



Jewelry Making


Other Interests:

Summer is a great time for softball (missed this season -- first time in a decade!), water skiing, which I learned to do in summer of 1993 at Big Bear Lake. I've been known to throw a pot or two (ceramics has fallen by the way-side for a while, though, due to an overflow of hobbies and an underflow of free time). I used to collect elephants, until Brooks the Hyper-Puppy accidentally destroyed them all in a frenzied fit of playfulness. Oh well. So now I collect frogs, since I spent so much time catching them as a little girl. And, of course, my new favorite passtime (at least in bad weather) is workin' on my Web pages! I hope you enjoy 'em!

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