1D4-22C10 SNb

This view of the ventral region of the body wall at early 17 (3 focal planes) shows the SNb and its relationship to the ventral and lateral PNS clusters. The ISN is a combined sensory/motor tract in this region. The SNb does not grow along any sensory tract. SNa, however, grows just above the v' cluster, and appears to contain both types of axons. There is another sensory tract from the ventral clusters which seems to grow along the pathway also taken by SNd, although the two tracts appear to be in slightly different focal planes.

To stage 14 motor axons + PNS

To stage 15 motor axons + PNS

To early 17 motor axons + PNS: dorsal region

To early 17 motor axons + PNS brightfield

To diagram of muscles.

To 2nd diagram (muscles and motor axons).

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