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[Department of Modern Physics]
[Department of Modern Mechanics]
[Department of Electronics Engineering and Information Science]
[Department of Earth and Space Sciences]
[Department of Biology]
[Department of Precision Machinery and Instrumentation]
[Department of Automation]
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[Department of Applied Chemistry]
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[Division of Philosophical and Social Sciences]
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Department of Mathematics

Chairman: Professor Cheng, Yi

The Department of Mathematics was founded by the renowned Chinese mathematician Professor Hua, Luogeng in 1958. With over 37 years of development, it is now an academic body of international reputation. It currently has a staff of 83 people, among them are 21 full professors, 25 associate professors, with 15 Ph.D advisors. All faculty members teach both graduate and undergraduate subjects, in addition to their advanced research. There are about 139 undergraduates and 41 graduates in the department.

Chang, GengzheCAGD, Applied approximation theory
Chen, ZuchiPartial differential equation, elliptic operators
Cheng, YiMathematical physics, Nonlinear PDEs, Solitons, Integrable systems and conformal fields theory
Feng, KeqinAlgebraic number theory, Algebraic coding theory
Feng, YuyuCAGD, Numerical approximation
Gong, ShengSeveral complex variables, Harmonic analysis, Geometric theory in several complex variables
Gu, XinshengMathematical physics, Solitons
Li, JiongshengDiscrete mathematics, Combinatorics, Graph theory
Li, ShangzhiAlgebra, Group theory
Li, YishenMathematical physics, Nonlinear PDEs, Solitons, Integrable systems
Liu, RuxunComputational dynamic, Numerical analysis for PDE
Lu, MinggaoAnalytic number theory
Shi, JihuaiSeveral complex variables, Function space in several complex variables
Tian, ChouMathematical physics, Solitons and differential geometry
Xu, SenlinGeometry and topology, Geometry of submanifold, Spectral theory
Xue, ShenggangAnalytical number theory
Xue, XinhengApplied mathematics, Inverse problem
Yan, ZhenjunMathematical education
Yang, XiaoxianControl theory and its application
Ye, XiangdongDynamic system, Continuum theory, Ergodic theory
Zhu, GuochengMathematical education
Associate Professors
Chen, FalaiCAGD, Computational graph
Chen, QiuguiMathematical education
Xue, XinhengApplied mathematics, Inverse problem
Ji, XiaodaMathematical physics, Nonlinear PDEs
Jiang, ChangjinNumerical analysis
Li, BaihaoNumerical algebra
Li, ShaojiangMathematical education
Lin, XiudingAlgebra
Liu, TaishunSeveral complex variables, Geometric theory in several complex variables
Luo, XinhuaProbability
Qu, ShankunMathematical education
Song, GuangtianGroup theory, Operator algebra
Wang, FangtingMathematical logic
Wang, ShuheDifferential equations, Graph
Xi, MeichengComputational mathematics
Xia, ChangyuDifferential geometry
Xin, ChaopingAlgebra, Coding theory
Xu, FeiAlgebraic number theory, Quardratic form
Xu, JunmingGraph theory, Network analysis
Xue, ChunhuaGeometry & Topology
Yin, YefuMathematical education
Yu, HongbingAdditive number theory, Warring problem, Diophantie inequalities
Zeng, XianliFunction theory, Mathematical education
Zhang, PuAlgebra
Zhang, YunhuaComputational mathematics
Zhou, YongpeiMathematical education
Applied Mathematics
Computational Mathematics and Its Applied Software
Computer rooms


Department of Physics

Chairman: Professor Chen, Zhaojia

The Department of Physics is selected as the national base for training scientific personnel by the State Education Commission. Its main fields of research are on condensed matter physics and optics. The research areas are condensed physics including high-Tc superconductivity, low dimensional and nano size systems, artificial superstructures and condensed matter theory. They are carried out by the Low Temperature Physics, Semiconductor Physics, Micro electronics, Solid State Optics, Magnetism and Solid State Theory groups. The research activities of optics cover quantum optics, high power laser physics, photoelectric materials, photoeletronics and technology, nonlinear optics and photonics in several groups of the Department. In addition, research on synchrotron radiation application to physics, the boundary between physics and other sciences are also important objectives of the Department. The department grants Ph.D in condensed matter physics and optics, master of science degrees in three areas, including condensed matter physics, optics, and semiconductor physics and devices. It currently has a staff of 126, among them are 14 full professors, 31 associate professors. All faculty members teach both graduate and undergraduate subjects, in addition to their research activities. There are about 274 undergraduates and 69 graduates students in the department this year. Over the years, the department has awarded 365 Bachelor of Science Degrees, 151 Master of Science Degrees and 30 Doctoral Degrees. The Department has received about 8 research fellows as postdoctoral researchers.

Cao, LiezhaoSuperconductivity, Ultra-lowtemperature physics
Chen, HuiyuSoft magnetic amorphous alloy, Structure and properties of magnetic multilayer films
Chen, JinsongSemiconductor analog integrated circuits, GaAs devices, Synchrotron radiation X-ray lithography
Chen, YongcongMacroscopic quantum phenomena, Mechanism of high temperature superconductivity
Chen, ZhaojiaHigh-Tc superconductivity, Spin glass
Fang, RongchuanSolid state optics, Physics of artificial superstructures
Guo, ChangxinSolid state spectroscopy, Luminescent physics and material, High pressure luminescence
Guo, GuangcanQuantum optics, Nonlinear optics and photonics
Li, FuliLaser physics, Nonlinear sciences, Medical physics
Li, YongpingComputational physics in condensed matter and optics
Lou, LirenLaser spectroscopy in solids, Optical material and physics, application of synchrotron radiation in luminescence
Ming, HaiPhotoelectronics and technology, Lasers, Nonlinear optics and photonics
Shi, ChaoshuSynchrotron radiation application on luminescence, Solid state spectroscopy
Wu, HangshengHigh-Tc superconductivity theory
Wu, HongxingIntense field laser physics, High power solid laser technology
Xia, ShangdaCrystal field theory and theoretical spectroscopy, Computational materials science
Xie, JianpingOptoelectronics, Lasers, Optical information processing
Associate Professors
Chen, XianhuiNew oxide superconductors and phases
Cui, JingbiaoOptical and thermal properties of condensed matter, Growth dynamics of CVD diamond film
Fan, ChuanzhouSemiconducting techniques, Experimental physics
Fu, ZhuxiEpitaxial growth of superlattice materials, Photo-electronic film materials and devices
Gao, ChengyueLaser spectroscopy and applications of laser in cell biology
Ge, XiangyuApplication of ACEL phosphor device
Guo, CongliangTelecommunications and electromagnetic field measurements
Guo, DahaoHigh power technology state laser and applications, Intense field laser physics
Hou, BihuiElectron paramagnetic resonance in solids, Magnetic properties in novel materials, Point defects
Jiang, WendiSolid state physics experiments
Jin, HuaNew high Tc superconductors and single crystal growth
Jing, ShiqunStudy and design of low-temperature experimental equipment
Le, DefenLithography using synchrotron radiation
Lin, BixiaPreparation and application of magnetic superfine materials, Optomagnetic film materials
Lin, HongshengModeling of solar cells, Optoelectronic properties of thin solid films
Liu, HongtuSemiconductor material, Film physics
Liu, ShiyuQuantum optics
Lu, GuorongMagnetic materials
Lu, XiaopuSolid state optics, Luminescent materials
Lu, ZhihuiAmorphous physics, Semiconductor physics
Luo, ShouyuHigh resolution laser spectrum
Luo, Youquanmagnetoresistance material of multilayer films, Hi-tech industrialization
Ma, YurongSolid state laser technology, Interaction of laser with matter
Qi, KaiguoOptics, Optoelectronics, Non-linear science
Shi, ShanLuminescence, Raman scattering
Sun, TianfuMagnetic measurement
Wang, KeqinSuperconductivity, High Tc superconductors
Wang, ShengbuoHigh power laser physics and technology
Wu, BaimeiPhysical properties of solids at low temperature, High Tc superconductivity
Xiong, CaoshuiRT- B multicomponent intermetallic compounds, Physical properties of Super-fine powders
Yang, HongshunThermal properties and phase transition of oxide superconductors and other new materials
Yi, BoSemiconductor materials and devices, IC design and application
Zhang, DaoyuanMagnetism and applications of Mossbauer spectroscopy
Zhang, JianhuaApplication of analog circuits
Zhang, JifaThermal properties of materials, Optical properties of CVD diamond film
Zhang, ShilingSemiconductor sensing material and devices
Zhang, WeipingLuminescence and spectroscopy of materials, Preparation and optical properties of amorphous thin films
Zhao, TexiuInterface physics of semiconductors, Film physics
Zhao, TianpengLaser gyroscope signal processing technology, Phase locked loop integrated circuits
Applied Physics
Photoelectronic Technology
Laboratory of Low Temperature Physics
Laboratory of Magnetism Physics and Materials
Laboratory of Photoelectronic Technology
Laboratory of Semiconductor Physics and Materials
Laboratory of Solid State Optics and Materials


Department of Chemical Physics

Chairman: Professor Yu, Shuqin

The Department of Chemical Physics is the only such department in Chinese universities. Its main research deals with the frontier across chemistry and physics. It currently has a staff of 82, among them are 17 full professors, 29 associate professors, with 6 Ph.D. tutors, including two CAS members Prof. Liu Youcheng and Prof. Zhu Qingshi. In addition 20 well-known scientists are part-time professors here. There are about 173 undergraduates and 72 graduates in the department. Over the years, the department has awarded 110 Master of Science Degrees and 15 Doctoral Degrees. The Department has received 2 Research Fellows as postdoctoral researchers.

Chen, Congxiang	Kinetics and dynamics of 
	chemical reaction, Laser 
Fu, Yilu	Catalysis and surface chemistry, 
	C1  chemistry
Guo, Qingxiang	Electron transfer reaction of 
	biological molecules, Physical 
	organic chemistry
Li, Jianmin	Coordinate chemistry, Spectra and 
	structures of complexes
Lin, Peiyan	Structure and characteristics of 
	metallic oxide catalysis for 
	environment and energy source
Liu, Fanzhen	Structure, Properties and 
	interaction of molecules
Liu, Youcheng  	Free radical chemistry, Physical 
	organic chemistry
Ma,Xinxiao	Laser chemical physics, Laser 
Su, Hongyu	Electrochemistry, Polymer 
	compound material for electric 
Wu, Yuehuan	Natural organic chemistry
Xin, Houwen	Molecular topology, Nonlinear 
Yan, Tiantang	Photographic chemistry, 
	Chemistry of gelatin
Yu, Shuqin	Laser chemistry, Molecular 
	reaction dynamics
Yue, Jun	Structure and properties of 
	inorganic solid state compounds, 
	Physics chemistry of photographic 
Zhang, Baozhong	Organic synthesis
Zhang, Maosen 	Computer chemistry, 
	Computerized analytical 
Zhu, Qingshi	Molecular spectroscopy, Bond-
	selective chemistry 

Associate Professors
Chen, Yang	Molecular spectroscopy, Laser 
Cui, Xianying	Experimental physical chemistry
Fan,Chongzheng	Catalysis and surface science, 
	Protection of ancient relics
Gao, Meifang	Oil and fat chemistry
He, Tianjing	Structure chemistry, Molecular 
Jiang, Ming	Catalysis and surface chemistry
Jiang, Peiyun	Chemical Education
Jin, Wencai	Heterogeneous catalysis
Li,Shufen	Combustion chemistry, 
	Measurement technique of flow 
Pan, Zhongxiao	Chemometrics, Computer 
Qian, Shengqiu	Oil and lipid chemistry, Surfactant 
Rong, Jingfang	Heterogeneous catalysis
Shan, Shaochun	Catalysis for environmental 
Shao, Liangheng	Experimental physical chemistry
Shen, Xiaoming	Physical organic chemistry
Tao, Chun	Photographic chemistry, Chemical 
Wang, Jirong	Computer in instrumental methods 
	of chemical analysis
Wang, Ming	Catalysis for environmental 
Wang, Xiuyan	Experimental organic chemistry, 
	Organic synthesis
Wang, Zhiyong	Physical organic chemistry
Xu, Xuguo	Photographic chemistry, 
	Chemistry of gelatin
You, Tianpa	Organic stereochemistry, 
	Chromatographic chiral 
Yu, Shouming	Catalysis for environment
Zhang, Hongguang	Structure chemistry
Zhang, Limin	Laser chemistry
Zhang, Zhiping	Experimental physical chemistry
Zhou, Zhongping	Computer applications, 
	Experimental nuclear physics
Zhu, Zhonghuang	C1 chemistry and catalysis
Zhuang, Shuxian	Surface chemistry and catalysis

Chemical Physics

Laboratory of  Bond-selective chemistry
Laboratory of Colloid and Electrochemistry
Laboratory of Computer Chemistry
Laboratory of Fundamental Experimental Chemistry
Laboratory of Laser Chemistry
Laboratory of Oil and Lipid Chemistry and Chemical 
Laboratory of Organic Chemistry
Laboratory of Photographic Chemistry
Laboratory of Structure Chemistry
Laboratory of Surface and Catalysis Chemistry

Department of Modern Physics

Chairman:  Professor Yu, Changxuan

The Department of Modern Physics is a national 
base for  research in microstructure of matter. The 
Department comprises five divisions: theoretical 
physics, particle physics, nuclear physics, nuclear 
electronics,  and accelerator physics. The  Department 
currently has a staff of 115, among them are 24 full 
professors, 52 associate professors,  with 11 Ph.D 

Education programs are in five specialties. The 
Department grants Ph.D, master and bachelor degrees in 
all the above areas. At present, there are 269 
undergraduates and  121 post graduate students. Over 
the years, the department has  awarded 2028 Bachelor 
of Science Degrees, 263 Master of Science Degrees and 
41 Doctoral Degrees. The Department has received 5 
Research Fellows as postdoctoral researchers.

Research Activities
The research activities of the department extend over 
a wide spectrum ranging from the deepest and subtlest 
matter structure to the applications of the latest  hi-
technology. Programs cover particle physics and field  
theory, non-linear physics, experimental high energy 
physics, atomic and molecular physics, plasma physics, 
both experimental and theoretical. Nuclear electronics 
is another important direction of  research. Research in 
areas as fast electronics, data acquisition and real-time 
signal processing is vigorously undertaken. In addition, 
the research in nuclear technology applications and low 
temperature plasma physics are also active and fruitful. 
In these research activities, the Department has broad 
exchange and cooperation with other institutions within 
or outside the university. The Department has 
established  good international collaboration in all the 
main fields.

Bian, Zuhe	Compton profile and its applications 
	in material science, Experimental  
	particle physics   
Chen, Ji	Theoretical nuclear physics, Atomic 
	and molecular physics 
Chen, Hongfang	Experimental particle physics, R&D 
	of  particle detectors, Data 
	analysis and simulation of particle 
Han, Rongdian	Positron annihilation and its 
	application in surface physics, 
	Experimental nuclear physics
Hu, Xiwei	Plasma physics theory, Non-
	equilibrium statistical physics
Jing, Sicong	Quantum field theory, Gauge field 
Liu, Yaoyang	Particle physics, Gravitational theory, 
	Scattering theory and its applications
Ma, Wengan	Particle physics, Computational 
	method in particle reactions
Mei, Zhenyue	b-g  Spectroscopy, Neutrino 
	mass measurements
Ruan, Tunan	Particle physics and nuclear theory, 
	Modern quantum field theory
Wang, Mingqian	Nuclear science and technology, 
	radiation dosimetry 
Wang, Shaoshun	Multiplicity production mechanism in 
	high energy collisions, Experimental 
	nuclear physics
Wang, Yanfang	High-speed system design, Data 
Xiang, Zhilin	Plasma physics and plasma 
	diagnostics, Biomedical engineering
Xu, Kezun	Atomic and molecular physics, 
	Nuclear and particle physics, 
	Radiation detectors and experimental 
Xu, Zizong	Experimental particle physics, 
	Nuclear science and technology and 
	their applications, R&D of  particle 
Yang,Yanming	Nuclear electronics, Nuclear 
	information processing, Computer 
	network and computer applications
Yin, Hongjun	Nuclear theory, Particle physics
Yu, Changxuan	Experimental plasma physics, Plasma 
Yu, Xiaoqi	Nuclear electronics, Data acquisition 
	and processing
Zhan, Rujuan	Plasma processing of materials, Low 
	temperature plasma physics
Zhang, Yongde	Neutron physics, Mathematics and 
	Physics of modern  quantum field 
Zhou, Zifang	Statistical physics, Atomic and 
	molecular physics
Zhu, Dongpei	Quantum physics, Gauge field 
	theory,  Mathematical methods for 

Associate Professors
An, Qi	Digital signal processing, Data 
Cao, Jinxiang	Plasma diagnostics, Microwave-
	plasma physics
Chen, Yinhua	Nonlinear plasma physics and 
	turbulence, Dusty plasma
Cheng, Kangchou	Nuclear information processing, 
	Computer applications
Cheng, Luhua	Nuclear science and technology and 
	their applications
Ding, Weixing	Fundamental plasma physics and 
	nonlinear dynamics
Fan, Yangmei	Nuclear reactions induced by 
	neutrons, Nuclear technology 
Feng, Renfei	Atomic and molecular physics
Gong, Zhufang	Compton profile and application in 
	material science
Hong, Pinshun	Nuclear technology and 
	applications, Nuclear electronics. 
	Experimental particle physics
Jin, Ge	Data acquisition and processing 
	system, Fast electronics
Li, Cheng	Experimental nuclear and particle 
Li, Yaoqing	Experimental nuclear physics
Liu,  Wandong	Experimental plasma physics, 
	plasma 	diagnostics
Liu, Jinying	Plasma diagnostics
Liu, Songqiang	Real-time control and data 
	acquisition system,
Lu, Ming	Nuclear electronics                 	
Ma, Chengxing	Nuclear science and technology and 
	their applications, Experimental 
Ma, Jinxiu	Laser plasma interactions, Dust 
Shen, Ji	Nuclear instruments and methods, 
	Nuclear technology applications
Sun, Lazhen	Particle physics
Wan, Shude	Plasma physics
Wang, Anmin	Modern field theory and elementary 
Wang, Binghong	Statistical physics, Nonlinear 
Wang, Congrong	Mechanical design and instrument 
Wang, Xiaolian	Mossbauer spectroscopy and 
	applications,  Experimental particle 
	physics, R&D of particle detectors
Wang, Zhaomin	Experimental particle physics, R&D 
	of  particle detectors
Wang, Zhongmin	Nuclear science and technology and 
	applications, Neutron physics
Wen, Yizhi	Fusion plasma physics, Plasma 
Weng, Huimin	Positron annihilation and application 
	in surface and interface physics, 
	Spectroscopy of positron 
Wu, Ruisheng	Nuclear technology and 
	applications, Nuclear electronics
Wu, Shulan	Electronics in experimental physics, 
	Spectroscopy of electron collisions
Wu, Xiaoyi	Nuclear information processing, 
	Data acquisition and processing
Xia, Weidong	Arc plasma physics and 
	applications, Pulse power 
	technology and 	applications
Xiao, Chenguo	Experimental nuclear physics, 
	Relativistic heavy ion collisions
Xing, Shilin	Atomic and molecular physics, 
	Experimental nuclear physics
Yang, Baozhong	Experimental particle physics, R&D 
	of particle detectors
Yang, Bingxin	Experimental particle physics, 
	Spectroscopy of electron collision
Yang, Weihong	Plasma physics theory, Dust plasma 
Ye, Bangjiao	Experimental nuclear physics, 
	Neuton physics and cluster physics
Ye, Yunxiu	Relativistic heavy ion collision, 
	Experimental nuclear physics, 
	Experimental particle physics
Yin, Zhejie	Nuclear electronics and nuclear 
	information processing, Medical 
Yu, Yanqing	Biomedical engineering
Zhang, Suifa	Administration
Zhang, Yongming	Nuclear electronics, Computer 
Zhang, Ziping	Simulation and computation of 
	particle reactions, Neural network 
	and particle identification
Zhao, Shujun	Plasma diagnostics, Radiation 
	detection and experimental methods
Zhao, Zhihong	Nuclear electronics and real time, 
	Data Acquisition and processing
Zhou, Xianyi	Condensed matter physics, Material 
	science and positron annihilation
Zhou, Yongzhao 	ASIC technique, High-speed signal 
Zhu, Junjie	Nuclear information processing, 
	Nuclear detection system
Zhu, Shiyao	Tokamak plasma physics, RF 
	heating plasma

Accelerator Physics
Experimental Nuclear and Particle Physics
Nuclear Electronics and Information Processing
Plasma Physics
Theoretical Physics

Atomic and Molecular Physics Laboratory
Fast Electronics Laboratory
Laboratory of High Energy Physics
Laboratory of Nuclear Science and Technology
Laboratory of Physics Processes Computation and 
Nuclear Electronics Laboratory
Nuclear Information Processing Laboratory
Plasma Physics Laboratory

Department of Modern 

Chairman:  Professor Han, Zhaoyuan

Brief History
The Department of Modern Mechanics was founded 
in 1958.   It then had four specialties, namely High 
speed aerodynamics, Structure mechanics for aircraft, 
Thermophysics for jet propulsion and Explosion 
mechanics. The renowned Chinese professor Dr.Qian, 
Xuesen was the first Chairman of the department.  In 
1981, the former department was expanded to two 
departments, the present one and the Department of  
Thermal Science and Energy Engineering.

Guide Lines
The two very important principles for the 
department are the combination between science and 
engineering and the combination of the department and 
the Institute of Mechanics, Chinese Academy of 
Sciences.  The students are required not only to have 
solid theoretical basis in Mathematics, Physics, 
Chemistry, and Mechanics, but also in creative research 
ability.  Besides, the students are required to have 
abilities in computer application, experiment, and 
adaptation to different engineering problems and 
development.  Many famous professors and scholars 
from the CAS Institute of Mechanics regularly give 
lectures on their latest research results to the students in 
the department.

Present  Situation
Based on years of development, it is selected by the 
State Education Commission as a national training base 
for  young scientists.  The department currently has a 
staff of  82, among them, 21 are full professors, 37 are 
associate professors.  There are ten research fields in 
this department.  They are Unsteady flow and vortex, 
Shock interaction and shock dynamics, Computational 
fluid dynamics, Multiphase flow and porous flow, 
Physical-Chemical fluid mechanics, Computational 
solid mechanics, Experimental mechanics and optic 
mechanics, Dynamic constitutive and property of 
materials and impact dynamics, Mechanics of 
composites, and Mesomechanics.  The faculty of this 
department has established scientific cooperation and 
exchange with colleagues from many countries.

Chen, Du	Structure dynamics, Structure 
Han, Zhaoyuan	Shock dynamics, Experimental 
	technique of shock tubes
He, Shiping	Photomechanics 
Kong, Xiangyan	Flow in porous media
Li, Yongchi	Stress wave, Dynamic constitutive 
	relation of materials
Tong, Binggang	Unsteady flow, Swimming 
	dynamics of biological bodies
Wang, Lili	Dynamic properties of materials, 
	Stress wave
Wang, Xiaojun	Computational method and 
	numerical simulation of impact 
Wang, Xiuxi	Computational method and 
	application of solid mechanics
Wu, Changchun	Advanced finite element theory and 
Wu, Xiaoping	Experimental mesomechanics, Opto-
	electronic metrology
Xia, Yuanming	Dynamic properties and meso-
	damage of composites
Xu, Yanhou	Physical-chemistry fluid dynamics, 
	Multiphase flow
Yang, Baochang	Mechanics of composites
Yin, Xieyuan	Vortex dynamics, Flow stability
Yin, Xiezhen	Shock dynamics and experimental 
	technique of shock tubes
Yu, Jilin	Impact dynamics, Mechanical 
	behaviors of materials
Zhang, Peiqiang 	Vibration theory and its application 
Zhao, Jianhua	Material evaluation, Fracture control
Zhou, Guangquan	Advanced mechanics of materials, 
	Impact dynamics
Zhuang, Lixian	Unsteady flow, Transonic flow

Associate Professors
Chen, Chengguang	Detonation theory and engineering 
Chen, Jingyi	Impact dynamics
Chen, Zhenqiang	Mesomechanics
Deng, Guohua	Aerodynamics
Feng, Xiaozhong	Explosion measurement and 
	engineering explosion
Gu, Shuxian	Structural nonlinearity
Guo, Changming	Gas detonation and theory of shock 
He, Linghui	Shell nonlinearity
Hu, Shisheng	Dynamic mechanical behavior of 
Hu, Xiaofang	Mesomechanics
Hu, Xiuzhang	Impact response of structures
Lei, Xiaoyan	Numerical technique in solid 
Li, Zongfang	Safety technology
Liu, Xiaomin	Dynamic mechanical behavior of 
Lu, Pin	Numerical technique in solid 
Lu, Xiyun	Computational fluid dynamics
Ma, Gendi	Multiphase flow
Mi, Zhongchun	Unsteady fluid mechanics
Shi, Yunfang	Mechanics of materials
Tang, Zhiping	Interaction of laser and materials, 
	Impact phase-transfer
Wang, Chaoshu	Numerical technique in solid 
Wi, Jun	Composite materials
Wu, Feng	Turbulence, Electro-rheological 
Wu, Qingsong	Multiphase flow
Xia, Nan	Computational fluid dynamics
Xu, Boqi	Photomechanics
Xu, Defu	Composite materials
Xu, Ligong	Aerodynamics and experimental 
	technology of shock tube
Xu, Shuxuan	Areodynamics and computational 
Yang, Jiming	Shock dynamics, Experimental 
	technique of shock tubes
Yang, Yuegui	Experimental fluid mechanics
Yao, Jiucheng	Electronic technique and shock 
	tube experimental method
Yuan, Jianming	Dynamic properties and meso-
	damage of composite
Zhang, Hanhong	Experimental techniques in 
	dynamic mechanics
Zhong, Zhaoxing	Multiphase flow
Zhou, Kaiyuan	Gaseous detonation and safety 
Zhou, Tingqin	Engineering explosion

Fluid mechanics 
Solid mechanics
Explosion mechanics

Detonation Laboratory
Electric Explosion Laboratory
Flow Control Laboratory
Fluid Mechanics Laboratory
Laboratory of Dynamic Photoelastics and Caustics
Laboratory of Impact Dynamics
Laboratory of Light Gas Gun
Laboratory of Material Evaluation and Fracture Control
Laboratory of Photo-Mechanics
Laboratory of Tendite Impact and Dynamic Response
Material Mechanics Laboratory
Mechanical Fundamentals Laboratory
Microcomputer Laboratory
Shock Wave Research Laboratory
Solid Mechanics Laboratory
Theoretical Mechanics
Vibration and Electric Measurements

Department of Electronics 
Engineering and Information 

Chairman: Professor Xu, Shanjia

It is our understanding that the principal 
responsibility of the department  is training 
undergraduate and graduate students for  research and 
development in the fields of Electronics and 
Information.  In order to meet the needs of the modern 
information society, the department makes it a major 
goal for teaching and research  that students must have a 
broad and solid background  in mathematics, physics.  
They must possess extensive solid skills in doing 
experiments and mastering the basic concepts of  
electronic system, modern information system.  In 
addition, the basic theory and methods in domains of 
electronic technology and computer application are also 
important for them.  They shall be competent in 
engaging themselves in the research and development 
on various electronic and information systems.
     The distinctive characteristic of the department is 
combining science with technology.  It puts great
emphasis on both  teaching and research and makes 
every effort to bring forth new ideas as well
as deals with concrete issues.  Both the students and the 
faculty members in the department possess the virtue of 
studying hard and integrating theory with practice. For 
the past few years, the department has been committed 
to numerous projects financed by the National High 
Technology Program, the National Natural Science 
Foundation of China, the Chinese Academy of Sciences, 
and the Ministry of Defense.  Meanwhile, the 
department has been developing applied techniques at 
different levels to gratify the needs of national 
economic development. The research funds obtained by 
the department continuously ranks the first among all 
departments in USTC, which is a good indicate for  the 
strength of the department in scientific research and 
technology development. 

The Department of Electronic Engineering and 
Information Science is aiming at the broad area of 
information science. It currently has a staff of 108, 
among them there are 17 full professors, 40 associate 
professors, with 6 Ph.D advisors. All faculty members 
teach both graduate and undergraduate subjects, in 
addition to their active research. There are about 561 
undergraduate and 110 graduate students in the 
department. In the past years, the department has 
awarded 238 Master of Science Degrees and 12 
Doctoral Degrees. The Department has received about 4 
Research Fellows as postdoctoral researchers.

Dai, Yimin	Frequency synthesizer, Phase-locked 
	loop, Medical electronics
Fan, Desen      	Numerical method and microwave 
Hu, Jiankai     	Acoustic microscopy, Ultrasonic 
	NDT and E attenuation, Crystal 
	ultrasonic Behavior
Jiang, Huilin	Intelligent detection and control
Li, Dunfu       	mm-wave technology
Li, Jinsheng	Communication network, Multimedia 
Liu, Zhengkai   	Image restoration and reconstruction
Qian, Jingren   	Electromagnetic field and 
	microwaves theory
Shen, Fenglin   	Electrocardiac signal processing, 
	Signal statistical analysis and 
Wang, Renhua    	Speech communication, Digital signal 
	processing and its application, Multi-
	media communication
Wu, Kunyu      	Physical acoustics, Nonlinear 
	acoustics and ultrasonic 
	Nondestructive evaluation
Xu, Peixia	Digital communication, Speech signal 
Xu, Shanjia     	Microwave, Millimeter and optical 
	wave theory and techniques
Yu, Xianglin	Millimeterwave and antenna
Zhang, Qianlin	Ultrasonic NDT, Ultrasonic 
	techniques, Ultrasonic and acoustic 
	microscopic studies in solids
Zhou, Kangyuan	Bio-medical ultrasonic engineering
Zhu, Jinkang  	Spread spectrum communication, 
	Personal communication, Mobile 

Associate Professors
Cao, Jihua	Microwave devices
Chen, Jirong	Modern electronics and techniques
Chen, Xuequan	Digital image processing, 
	Geographic information system
Chen, Yuehua	Optoelectronics, Fiber optics, 
	Optical fiber communication and 
Cheng, Weidong	VLSI system design, Image coding, 
	Speech analysis and synthesis
Dai, Chuanfang	Industrial computed topography, 
	Mechatronics technology
Dong, Xiaopeng	Opto-electronics, Optical sensors
Gu, Zhuping	Communications technology
Guan, Shuzhu	Millimeter wave techniques
Hu, Fangyu	Telecommunication network 
	management, Computer 
Huang, Huiying	Microcomputer applications
Huang, Shenghua	Multimedia communications
Jin, Juying	Doppler signal processing, 
	Millimeter-wave integrated circuits
Kong, Xiangzhi	Ultrasonic inspection and 
	measurement, Power ultrasonics, 
	Medical ultrasonics
Liu, Bicheng	Chinese speech database, Speech 
Liu, Falin	Millimeter wave techniques
Liu, Fenshan	Communication techniques, Mobile 
	communications, Personal 
Qu, Yugui	Computer system constitute, 
	Multimedia technology
Shao, Zhengrong	Computer system and networks, 
	Multi-vendor computers
Sheng, Yijian	Millimeter wave device, Microwave 
	communication, Microwave 
	measurement instrument
Shi, Xingrong	Computer network communication, 
	Distributed graphics database, 
	Feature oriented geographical 
	information system
Sun, Shilu	Electric techniques
Sun, Weidong	Multi-dimensional image 
	processing, Satellite image 
Sun, Zhenshou	Geographical information system, 
	Computer graphics and information 
Tan, Jiang	Microwave low noise technique, 
	Microwave IC technique
Wang, Dongjin	Microwave and millimeter-wave 
	technique and applications
Wang, Peikang	Information theory, Digital 
Wu, Xiuqing	Intelligent information systems
Wu, Zhichang	Digital signal processing, Digital 
	circuit and systems
Xia, Deyu	Neuro-electro-physiology and 
	biomedical engineering, Auditory 
	model and neural network
Xiao, Jinyu	Neural  networks, Remote sensing, 
	Pattern recognition
Xu, Peixia	Digital communication, Speech 
	signal coding
Xu, Shoushi	Signal processing, Digital 
Xu, Yunsheng	Electromagnetic theory, Numerical 
	techniques, Planar circuits
Yu, Zhenwu	Signal processing, Digital 
Zhang, Junjie	Ultrasonic application
Zhang, Peiqiu	Special digital computer, Space 
	communication, Telecontrol and 
	image coding
Zhang, Qingbian	Microcomputer, Automation, 
	Electrical engineering
Zhang, Xiaojian	Electronical dynamics
Zhu, Shihong	Signal processing, Microcomputer 

Electromagnetic field and microwave techniques
Electronic engineering
Electronics and information system

Acoustical Information Processing and Ultrasonic 
Application Laboratory
Advanced Communication Laboratory
Advanced Digital System Laboratory
Millimeterwave Laboratory
Multimedia Communication Laboratory

Department of Earth and Space Sciences

Chairman:  Professor Xu, Guoming

   The Department of Earth and Space Sciences was 
established in 1958.  Professor Zhao Jiuzhang, member 
of Chinese Academy of Sciences and director of the 
CAS Institute of Geophysics, was the first chairmen of 
the department.  Famous scientists as professor Fu, 
Chengyi, Tu, Guangchi, Ye, Duzheng, and Zeng, 
Qingcun taught in this department.  In 1993, the 
department became an Advanced  Research Center by 
Third World Academy of Sciences, whose headquarters 
is situated in  Italy.

    The department currently has 19 full professors, 
24 associate professors and 6 senior engineers.  All 
faculty members teach both graduate and undergraduate 
courses, and conduct extensive research.  They have 
published in a wide variety of fields both at home and 
abroad. Currently, there are about 200 undergraduate 
and 50 graduate students in the department.

Department Activities
   The educational and research activities of the 
department extend over a wide spectrum ranging from 
the structure and composition of earth interior and the 
atmosphere to the planetary space and solar.  The 
activities cover basic studies as well as the application 
in the fields of earth sources and environments.  There 
are four sections in the department, namely  the Section 
of Geophysics, Geochemistry, Atmospheric physics and 
environment and Space physics.

Graduate Division
   The graduate division opens door to students who 
plan to have advanced studies.  Each graduate student 
belongs to one of the faculty's laboratory and is 
encouraged to do original research work for his 
master’s or doctor’s dissertation.  The M.S and Ph.D 
programs study usually takes three years of courses and 
research.   The programs put great emphasis on thesis 
and research work.  The students can choose their thesis 
topic freely in consultation with their advising 

Chen, Daogong 	Isotope and trace element 
	geochemistry in mantle derived rocks
Chen, Jiangfeng	Isotope geochemistry, Applied 
Chen, Yuejuan	Atmospheric dynamics, Atmospheric 
Fu, Rongshan	Geodynamics, Earth gravity
Hu, Youqiu	Solar physics, Interplanetary physics
Huang, Peihua	Tectonophysics, Geochronology
	isotope geochemistry
Li, Shuguang	Isotopic geochronology and 
	thermohistory, Trace elements and
	isotope geochemistry
Li, Zhongyuan	Space plasma physics
Liu, Deliang	Intrastructural geology, Tectonogeo-
Man, Fasheng	Regional geology and geochemistry, 
	Ore deposit geochemistry
Peng, Zicheng	Quaternary geochronology, 
	Environmental geochemistry
Shi, Xingjue	Experimental geophysics, Reservoir 
Tao, Shanchang	Atmospheric physics, Remote 
	sensing of atmosphere
Wang, Kuiren	Mineralogy and minerogenetic 
	geochemistry, Astrochemistry
Wang, Shui	Space plasma physics, Solar 
	atmospheric dynamics
Wang, Youshan	Whistlers and related ionospheric 
Xu, Guoming	Seismology, Reservoir geophysics
Zheng, Yongfei	Isotopic geochronology, Stable 
	isotopic geochemistry
Zhou, Taixi	Geochemistry of granitoid, 
	Mineralization of granitoid

Associate Professors
Zheng, Huinan	Space plasma physics, Solar 
	atomospheric dynamics
Deng, Yanrao	Regional geology and geochemistry
Fang, Yongkang	Electronic technique application, 
	Terrestrial electromagnetic 
Ge, Ningjie	High-pressure  and  ultrahigh-
	pressure  ( HP- UHP), Metamorphic 
	petrology and isotope geochemistry
Gu, Shunyong	Interplanetary plasma phenomena
Guo, Fan	Environmental geochemistry, 
	Thermodynamics in geochemistry
Huang, Jianhua	Geodynamics, Earth geoid
Jin, Shuping	Solar physics, Magnetospheric 
Li, Binxian	Composition analysis of rocks  and  
	minerals,  Instrumental analysis in 
	geochemical samples
Li, Shican	Computer and electronic technique 
Li, Wenxiu	Theoretical physics
Liu, Shaoliang	Solar-terrestrial physics
Liu,Wenzhong	Earth gravity, Experimental 
Lu, Zhongjia	Dynamic geology
Ni, Shoubin	Isotope geology, Elemental 
Sun, Liguang	Environment tectonic geology
Wang, Bikui	Dynamical meteorology, Statistical 
Wang, Huajun	Geophysical  prospection, 
	Electromagnetic  prospection 
Wang, Junxin	Crystallography and crystal growth
Wang, Zhaorong	Isotopic geochronology, Isotopic 
Wang, Zhongxing	Mesoscale meteorology, Disaster 
	reduction research
Wu, Zengqing	Seismology
Xi, Daoying	Rock mechanics, Constitutive theory 
	of earth material
Xie, Duan	Reservoir geophysics, Experimental 
Xu, Wenjun      	Seismology, Exploration seismology
Yao, Keya	Atmospheric physics, Atmospheric 
Ye, Pinzhong	Interplanetary physics
Zhang, Xun	AAS  applied  technique, Polluting  
	sources investigation of rivers
Zhi, Xiachen	Trace element and isotope 
	geochemistry of mantle

Atmospheric Physics and Environment
Space Physics

Laboratory of Atmospheric Physics
Laboratory of Atmospheric Physics and Environment
Laboratory of Atomic Absorption Analysis
Laboratory of Chemical Analysis
Laboratory of Clean Material Analysis
Laboratory of Computer and Electronic Technique
Laboratory of Electromagnetic Prospection Technique
Laboratory of Geodynamics
Laboratory of Isotopic Geochronology
Laboratory of Mineralogy
Laboratory of Petrology
Laboratory of Rock Mechanics in High Temperature 
and Pressure
Laboratory of Seismic Propagation and Seismic 
Laboratory of Space Radiation Measurement
Laboratory of Stable Isotope Geochemistry
Laboratory of Whistlers and VLF Emissions

Department of Biology

Chairman:  Professor Shou,Tiande

The Department of Biology originated from the 
Department of Biophysics established  simultaneously 
with the USTC in Beijing in 1958, and was renamed in 
1978. Being an active and distinguished biological 
department in the nation the unique five-year training 
program for undergraduate students specially 
emphasizes not only on mathematics,  physics, 
chemistry and biology, but also on corresponding 
experimental orientations.  It makes students adaptable 
to various fields of biology in future research.  Students 
have to spend at least one year doing research for their 
bachelor thesis, another three years for their master 
degree, and two or three more years for their doctoral 
Of 55 faculty members, most teachers in the 
department have more than one year of experience in 
doing research work abroad.  The department offers 
bachelor, master and doctoral degrees in areas of 
molecular biology, cell biology and biophysics.  Current 
enrollment includes about 300 undergraduate students 
and 45 postgraduate students.
The Department’s continued excellence has been 
ensured by its success in competing for the government 
and foundation support for its research programs 
covering fields in molecular biology, biophysics, 
neurobiology and cellular biology.  During the past 
thirty-seven years the department has turned out a great 
number of  outstanding scientists for our country and 
has kept an excellent record in the nationwide 
competition.  So far, quite a lot of graduates from the 
department have become the backbone researchers in 
the areas of biological sciences.  The strong, active, 
multidisciplinary faculty has achieved many important 
results in scientific research.  At present it is committed 
to dozens of important projects financed by the National 
“863 Programs”, the State Commission of Science and 
Technology, the National Science Foundation, the 
Science Foundation of the Chinese Academy of 
Sciences, and the Third World Science Foundation. The 
funding ranks the department at the forefront in the 

Chen, Huiran	Bioelectronics, detecting and 
	processing of biological weak signals 
	and intelligent medical instruments
Chen, Lin	Cognitive science, Cybernetics
Li, Zhengang	Chromatin engineering, Molecular 
Liu, Jing	Molecular biology and immunology, 
	construction and analysis of CDNA 
	library of snake venom 
Niu, Liwen	Structural biology and 
	crystallography Shi, Yunyu
	Molecular biology and structural 
	biology, Molecular design and 
Shou, Tiande	Biophysics and neurobiology, Visual 
	information processing 
Wang, Xianshun	Biochemistry
Xu, Xun	Biochemistry and molecular biology, 
	Protein engineering, Ocean 

Associate Professors
Ding, Lili	Radiation biology
Gu, Yuehua	Plant cell biology
Huang, Yuchu	Radioisotope labeling and tracing, 
	Radioimmunoassay technique
Kong, Lingfang	Bioelectronics
Liao, Kan	Function of protein tyrosine, 
	differentiation of cells
Lu, Runlong	Cell biology, Structure and function of 
	chromosome, Radiation biology
Ruan, Diyun	Neurophysiology and neurotoxicology
Shen, Haigeng	Electronical engineering
Teng, Maikun	Structural biology and crystallography
Wang, Yuzhen	Biochemistry and molecular biology, 
	protein engineering
Wu, Saiyu	Biochemistry
Xu, Weihua	Molecular biology, Gene expression of 
	proteins and neuropeptides in the 
Xu, Yaozhong	Biophysics and neurobiology, 
	Function of brain study and memory
Yin, Luming	Plant physiology, Biochemistry
Zhang, Daren	Cognitive neuropsychology, Visual 
Zhou, Yifeng	Biophysics and neurobiology, Visual 
	information processing

Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
Biophysics and Neurobiology
Cell Biology
Bioelectronics Laboratory
Laboratory of Biological Macromolecular Computer 
Laboratory of Biological Macromolecular 
Laboratory of Biological Macromolecular, NMR 
Laboratory of Cognitive Science
Laboratory of Learning and Memory Physiology
Laboratory of Microbiological Genetics
Laboratory of Molecular Genetics
Molecular Immunology Laboratory
Neurotoxicology Laboratory
Plant Genetic Engineering Laboratory
Vision Research Laboratory

Department of Precision Machinery and Instrumentation

Chairman:  Professor  Li, Chuanqi

The Department of Precision Machinery and 
Instrumentation is devoted to a highly integrated 
discipline making use of modern high technology 
achievements. The aim of the Department is to train 
students in ways for them to have broad scientific and 
technical basis so that they can develop new techniques 
and design new products in the future.  The new 
integrated specialty -- Mechano-electronic Engineering 
has the techniques of electronics, optics and computer 
science as its base and mechanics for its body.  The 
program prepares students to be high level specialists 
not only solidly grounded in mathematics and physics, 
but also adaptable in the designing, testing and 
manufacturing of precision machinery and instruments.  
It has established international collaborations with 
Japanese, German and Australian universities.  It 
currently has a staff of 70, among them there are 5 
professors, 25 associate professors.  All faculty 
members teach both graduate and undergraduate 
subjects, in addition to their active researches.  There 
are about 147 undergraduate and 40 graduate students 
in the department. In the past years, the department has 
awarded 51 Master of Engineering Degrees. The 
Department has received 2 Research Fellows as 
postdoctoral researchers.

Jin, Taiyi	Precision machinery design and 
	manufacturing technology, Precision 
	measurement and instruments
Li, Chuanqi	Micro machinery, Precision 
	measurement, Process monitoring 
	and fault diagnosis
Li, Ming	Vibration and machine dynamics, 
	Engineering ergonomics
Zhou,Yusheng		Metal surface hardening techniques, 
		Engineering ergonomics
Zhou, Shaoxiang	High speed photography, Image 
	processing and instrumentation

Associate Professors
Bao, Jiafu	CAD, Optimal design
Chen, Lingli	Precision measurement
Cui, Linghui	Precision machinery design, 
Du, Huashen	Precision machinery design
Gao, Jiqing	Precision measurement, Machine 
Hu, Yuxi	Engineering optics
Huang, Wenhao	Nanotechnology and precision 
	measurement, STM & AFM
Jin, Chaoxiang	Manufacturing techniques
Kong, Fanrang	Intelligent design, CAD expert 
Li, Shenli	Opto-electronic techniques
Lin, Xiuwen	Engineering graphics
Liu, Rongjin	Precision machinery design and 
Lu, Mei	Engineering graphics
Sheng, Lianguan	Micro machinery and CAD 
	techniques, Thermal deformation
Wang, Qiming	High speed photography, 
	Engineering laser techniques
Wang, Yingying	Machine design
Wu, Beizheng	Machine design, Photo-lithography
Wu, Yuehua	Metallography, Application of shape 
	memory alloy
Wu, Yuting	Machine design
Xing, Xiaozheng	Precision and dynamic  
	measurement, Vibration  and  its 
	engineering application
Yang, Jie	SMA and micro robot, High speed 
Yu, Qiaoyun	Machine design
Zhang, Haijun	Optics, Nano-technology
Zhu, Chang'an	Robotics, Automatic control
Zhu, Renzhi	Engineering graphics, Computer 

Mechano-electronic engineering (B.S.)
Machinery manufacturing (M.S.)

Laboratory of Computer Aided Design
Laboratory of Opto-electronic Techniques
Laboratory of Precision Machinery Design
Laboratory of Production Engineering

Department of Automation

Chairman:  Professor Sun, Demin

The Department of Automation was established in 
1958 for the purpose of training engineers and 
researchers specialized in Automatic Control.  
Automatic control plays an important role in modern 
automation-oriented society in various aspects, 
including control system, modeling, simulation, analysis 
and design, computer control in the area of chemical 
and mechanical processes.  It concentrates on a high 
technology area which is of great importance to the 
development of modern enterprises. It currently has a 
staff of 43, among them there are 7 full professors, 18 
associate professors.  All faculty members teach both 
graduate and undergraduate subjects, in addition to their 
active researches. There are about 217 undergraduate 
and 30 graduate students in the department. In the past 
years, the department has awarded 68 Master of Science 
Degrees. The Department has received about 2 
Research Fellows as postdoctoral researchers.

Bao, Yuanlu	Control theory and application, 
	Blobal positioning system
Li, Sifu	Predictive control and application
Pang, Guozhou	Multibariable frequency method 
	and robust control, Computer 
Sun, Demin	Adaptive control and optimization,
	Control system synthesis 
Tong, Maoda	Control theory, Network theory
Tu, Renshou	Management information system,
	System modeling and simulation
Yang, Guangzheng	Pattern recognition and 
	application, Artificial intelligence
Associate Professors
Chang, Guodong	Computer science, Simulation
Chen, Zonghai	Chemical process modeling, 
Ji, Haibo	Nonlinear system theory
Li, Gaowen	Multivariable frequency method
Liang, Qin	Control system analysis and 
Liu, Zheng'an	Microcomputer and application
Qing, Zhiyuan	Microcomputer application
Shuai, Jianmei	Computer science, Pattern 
Wang, Junpu	Artificial intelligence and 
Wei, Henghua	Control system analysis and 
Wu, Fuming	Adaptive control  and optimization
Wu, Gang	Control system theory and 
Xi, Hongsheng	Control theory and its applications 
	in economic systems
Xue, Fuzhen	Multivariable frequency method
Zhang, Peiren	Microcomputer and application
Zhang, Shengjiang	Microprocessor application and 
	intelligent instruments
Zhou, Heqin	Computer application
Zhu, Jiabao	Control system simulation

Control Theory and Application
Industrial Automation
Pattern Recognition and Intelligent Control

Advanced Process Control Laboratory
Advanced Process Simulation Laboratory
Automatic Measurement Laboratory
Control Engineering Laboratory
Control System Laboratory
GPS Laboratory
Intelligent Control Laboratory
Microcomputer and Microprocessor Laboratory
Microcomputer Application Laboratory
Pattern Recognition Laboratory

Department of Computer Science and Technology

Chairman:  Professor Chen, Guoliang

Teaching and research in the computer science and 
technology was initiated in USTC as early as the 
founding of the University at 1958, being one of the 
pioneers in China in this important area of learning. The 
Department of Computer Science and Technology was 
founded in 1982.  Since then, the Department has turned 
out  800 bachelors, 190 masters and 15 Ph.D. students.
 The department currently has a staff of 74, among 
them there are 7 full professors, 11 associate professors, 
with 2 Ph.D advisors. All faculty members teach both 
graduate and undergraduate subjects, in addition to their 
active research. The department grants Ph. D , Master 
and Bachelor degrees. There are about 450 
undergraduate and 69 graduate students in the 
department.  It has now become an academic body of 
high reputation.

There are two specialties: computer software, 
computer and  applications. Students may select field of 
concentration according to their own interest. Attention 
has been paid to prepare students strong in math, 
physics, computer theory, software and hardware, 
without neglecting application and development 
abilities.  Students are provided with the opportunity to 
join in research projects in various laboratories.  
Graduate thesis work may be in areas like computer 
software, computer application, computer architecture 
and computer science theory. About 60% of the 
graduates enter into postgraduate studies, and many 
have found jobs in major computer companies, such as 
Lengo, Stone, and Baogang.

Bai, Fangzhou	Control theory and applications, 
	Intelligent control
Cai, Qinsheng	Artificial intelligence, Machine 
Chen, Guoliang	Non-numerical computing parallel 
	algorithms, Neural computing
Tang, Ceshan	Parallel graph algorithms, Software
Zhao, Zhenxi	AI programming environment, Natural 
	language understanding and machine 
Zheng, Shirong	Parallel architecture, Parallel 
	processing techniques and applications
Zhong, Jinli	Parallel language compiling, Logical 

Associate Professors
Cai, Mingfu	Computer interfacing, Data acquisition
Chen, Yiyun	Theories of programming language, 
	Formal specification
Fu, Tingliang	Computer simulation, Computer 
Gong, Yuchang	Database techniques, Software tools 
	and environment
Ji, Jinlong	Parallel programming, Operating 
Li, Jing	Software design methodology, Object 
	oriented programming, Decision 
	support system
Shao, Renrong	Computer architecture, Computer 
	graphic processing
Sun, Shulin	Formal languages and automata, 
Tang, Baoying	Computer architecture
Wang, Hencai	Computer architecture, Image 
Wang, Jianying	Computer graphics and CAD
Yang, Shoubao	Computer networks, Cryptography
Yue, Lihua	Database theory and applications
Zhao, Baohua	Software tools and environment
Zhou, Jishang	Computer continuos education
Zhu, Xiaoping	Knowledge engineering, Management 
	information system

Computer and applications 
Computer architecture
Computer science theory
Computer software

Computer Control
Computer Networks
Information Processing Center
Knowledge Engineering
Laboratory for Software Programming
Laboratory of Computer Application
Laboratory of Computer Architecture
Laboratory of Computer Science and Software
Laboratory of Microcomputer System and Networks
Laboratory of Parallel and Distributed Computing
Laboratory of Pedagogical Laboratories
Parallel Algorithms and Neural Computing
Parallel Processing
Software Engineering

Department of Applied Chemistry

Chairman:  Professor Zheng, Nengwu

The Department of Applied Chemistry has research 
and teaching activities covering solid state chemistry, 
physical inorganic chemistry, bioinorganic chemistry,  
analytical chemistry, nonlinear optical materials, rare-
earth chemistry, environment chemistry, polymer and 
radiation chemistry. It currently has a staff of 96, among 
them there are 14 full professors, 30 associate 
professors, with 4 Ph.D. tutors.  Most of faculty 
members teach both graduate and undergraduate 
subjects, in addition to their active research. There are 
about 193 undergraduate and 61 graduate students in 
the department. In the past years, the department has 
awarded 130 Master of Science Degrees and 21 
Doctoral Degrees. The Department has received about 
21 Research Fellows as postdoctoral researchers or 
visiting professors.

Chen, Zuyao	Superconducting materials, 
	Ultrafines and application
Lin, Changshan	Application of HPLC in life science, 
	Separation and determination of 
	trace multi-metal Ions as chelate
Liu, Qingliang	Coordination chemistry on metal 
	proteins and enzymes, Lanthanide 
	complexes in aqueous 	
Liu, Shuyi	Material thermodynamic, Theory of 
	plastic cumulation, Mechanics of 
Lu, Minggang	Chemiluminescence analysis and 
	synchronous fluorescence spectrum
Qian, Yitai	Solid state chemistry, High Tc 
	superconductor, Nanoscale powder 
	and radiation chemistry
Wu, Ningsheng	Gas chromatography, Flow injection 
	analysis chemistry
Wu, Yicheng	Nonlinear optical materials, Crystal 
Yang, Chengzong	Radiochemistry and inorganic 
Yin, Fang	Environmental and food  chemistry 
Zhang, Linyang	Applied photochemistry and fine 
	chemical synthesis
Zhang, Manwei	Radiation chemistry, Fundamental 
	reaction processes
Zhang, Zhicheng	Radiation chemistry
Zhao, Guiwen	Chemistry of rare earth elements, 
	Analytical chemistry
Zheng, Nengwu	Theoretical inorganic chemistry, 
	Bioinorganic chemistry
Zhou, Yi	Inorganic separation chemistry, 
	High-purity preparation

Associate Professors 
Chen, Wenming	Nuclear  chemistry  and  basic  
	research of  biomedical materials
Cui, Hua	HPLC and chemiluminescence 
Fang, Yue	Medical polymers
Feng, Xiaolun	Radiation chemistry
Fu, Peizhen	Inorganic chemistry, Crystal growth
Fu, Qiming	Industrial chemistry
He, Youzhao	Atomic spectrometry, Flow injection 
Huang, Bixia	Analytical chemistry
Jin, Gu	Artificial synthesis of biometal 
Li, Longquan	Analytical chemistry, Environmental 
Li, Rukang	Solid state chemistry
Liu, Shixin	Treatment of waste  liquid from  
	paper pulp
Liu, Shuanghuai	Inorganic chemistry, Thermal  
	analysis, Ultrafine  powders of metal 
Liu, Zhanjun	Radiation chemistry of polymers, 
	Theories and  application of optical 
	wave guide cell
Lu, Jingci	Rare earth analytical chemistry and F 
	transition  element coordination 
Ni, Qidao	Analytical chemistry and applied 
Qian, Minglun	Inorganic chemistry
Shao, Xueguang	Rare earth chemistry, Chemical 
Shi, Wenfang	Radiation chemistry, Photochemistry, 
	Coating technology
Su, Qingde	Photoacoustic spectroscopy, 
	Chemistry of rare earth
Wang, Wenrong	Applied chemistry
Wu,  Shouguo	Electroanalytical chemistry and 
	microcomputer application
Yin, Xianglian	Analytical chemistry
Zhang, Xiaosong	HPLC in biochemical and 
	pharmaceutical analysis, Metal 
	complexes analysis by HPLC
Zhang, Yugeng 	Coordination chemistry, 
	Photoacoustic spectroscopy
Zhang, Zude	Coordination  compounds  of  rare  
	earth, Bioinorganic chemistry
Zhao, Bingxi	Radiation polymerization of 
	organotin and  production  of sort-life 
	isotopes by electron beam
Zhao, Huaqiao	Inorganic chemistry, Plasma 
Zhao, Huazhang	Multi-wavelength spectrophotometry 
	and flowing  injection analysis
Zheng, Huagui	Inorganic  chemistry  separation  and  
	purification, Environmental science,   
	Waste  products  treatment
Zhou,  Junying	Analytical  chemistry,   
	Environmental monitoring
Zhu, Yurui	Analytical  chemistry,   
	Environmental monitoring

Applied Chemistry
Analytical Chemistry
Inorganic Chemistry
Radiation Chemistry

Laboratory of Advanced Inorganic chemistry
Laboratory of Analytical Chemistry
Laboratory of Coordination Chemistry
Laboratory of Industrial Chemistry
Laboratory of Nonlinear Optical Materials
Laboratory of Nuclear Chemistry
Laboratory of Radiation Chemistry
Laboratory of Solid State chemistry and foundamental 

Department of Thermal Science and Energy Engineering

Chairman:  Professor Fan, Weicheng

The Department of Thermal Science and Energy 
Engineering was founded in 1958, under the name 
Engineering Thermophysics. Over years of 
development, it is now an academic body of high 
reputation. The State Key Laboratory of Fire Sciences 
has been chosen to be locate here. It currently has a 
staff of 59, among them there are 6 full professors, 17 
associate professors, with 3 Ph. D. supervisors. All 
faculty members teach both graduate and undergraduate 
subjects, in addition to their active research. There are 
about 127 undergraduate and 39 graduate students in 
the department. In the past years, the department has 
awarded 73 Master of Science Degrees and 4 Doctoral 
Degrees. The Department has received 7 Research 
Fellows as postdoctoral researchers.

Chen, Yinling	Turbulence and turbulent model, 
	Prediction and control of pollution 
	in combustion
Chen, Zeshao	Heat measurement technology, 
	Refrigerating and storage energy 
Cheng, Shuxia	Measurement of thermophysical 
	properties, Technique for measuring 
	heat flux
Fan, Weicheng	Engineering thermophysics, Fire 
	science, Thermal safety engineering
Ge, Xinshi	Thermophysical problems on solar 
	energy, Measurement of 
	thermophysical properties of 
	materials and heat flux
Wang, Qin'an	Combustion, Fire science
Wang, Yongtang 	Experimental thermodynamics, 
	Energy conversion and efficient use

Associate Professors
Cheng, Peng     	Fluid mechanics, Wind energy 
Cheng, Xiaofang	Radiation and measurements,   
	Combustion in internal combustion 
	engines, Fire science
Guo, Mingdao    	Combustion, Energy utilization
Huo, Ran        	Fire science, Combustion technique
Ji, Jie         	Building thermophysics,  Heating  
	ventilation and air conditioning
Jiang, Fenghui  	Building fire
Li, Yefa        	Solar energy thermal utilization
Liao, Guangxuan	Combustion and oil fire,  
	Combustion diagnosis  and modeling
Liu, Zhenyan    	Applied heat transfer, Energy 
	conversion and utilization, Solar 
	energy utilization
Lu, Baogen    	Fluid machinery
Lu, Panming     	Computational fluid mechanics, 
	Turbulence modeling
Lu, Wenchao     	High subsonic transonic potential 
	flow field, Stream function equation 
	of turbomachinery S2 stream surface
Wang, Jian	Numerical methods of fire process, 
	Model of building fire, Multi-
	dimensional modeling of fire
Wang, Jianhua	Measurement in turbulent flow, 
	Aerodynamic calculation of turbine 
	cascades, Data processing technique
Wang, Xiaohong	Turbulence, Random fluctuation, 
	Renormalization group method, 
	Numerical method in fluid dynamics
Weng, Peidian   	Measurement of temperature of 
	materials  and  burning  gas under 
	high temperature
Wu, Longbiao    	Electronics technology in  fire  
	science, Electronics engineering and 
	computer application
Yang, Bangrong  	Thermophysics measurement, Fire 
Yu, Biao	Experiment technique of fluid 
	mechanics, Vortex movement, Shock 
Zhang, Yinping  	Heat transfer, Energy storage
Zhou, Jianjun	Mechanisms of fire vortex, Vortex 
	breakdown, Fire safety design

Air Conditioning and Refrigeration
Engineering Thermophysics
Thermal Safety Science and Engineering

Laboratory of Combustion
Laboratory of Engineering Thermodynamics
Laboratory of Fluid Mechanics
Laboratory of Heat Transfer
State Key Laboratory of Fire Science

Department of Materials Science and Engineering

Chairman:  Professor Pan, Caiyuan

The department was established in 1987 as a result 
of the reorganization of two departments related to the 
study of materials.  It is concerned with syntheses, 
structures, properties, applications and their relations of 
materials, mainly inorganic solids and polymers.  There 
are four teaching and research divisions: Material 
chemistry, Material physics, Polymer chemistry and 
polymer physics.  The department offers three levels of 
degree program: B.S., M.S. and Ph.D.  All of these 
programs are designed to provide students with a sound 
background in fundamental science,  in order to develop 
the ability to solve challenging problems with 
innovative new ideas, and to generate new technologies.  
Completion of a thesis is required for each of the above 
degree programs.  70-80 undergraduate students, 25-30 
graduate students including an increasing member of 
doctorate students, are enrolled each year.  Currently, 
the department has 73 staff members, with 17 full 
professors, 22 associate professors and senior 

Fan, Hongyi	Advanced quantum mechanics,  
	Condensed matter physics and 
	quantum optics theory
Guo, Qipeng	New polymers, Polymer physics, 
	Processing and application of 
	polymer materials
He, Pingsheng	Langmuir-Blodgett film, Cure 
	behavior of thermosets
Luo, Xiaolie	Segmented copolymer ionic 
	conductor of solid state
Ma, Dezhu	Polymer alloy, Polymer 
	crystallization morphology and 
Meng, Guangyao	Solid state chemistry, CVD and thin 
	films, Inorganic membranes, Solid 
	state ionics and applications
Mou, Jimei	Nanostructured materials, Shape 
	memory alloys
Pan, Caiyuan	Free radical ring-opening 
	polymerization, Liquid crystalline 
Peng, Dingkun	Synthesis chemistry of functional 
	inorganic materials, Inorganic 
	embraces and their applications
Ruan, Yaozhong	Low dimensional physics, High 
	temperature superconductivity, Wide-
	band gap semiconductor materials
Shen, Yusheng	Functional inorganic materials, Solid 
	state chemistry and ceramic sensor 
	materials and technology
Shi, Tianyi	Biomedical engineering materials, X-
	ray photoresists
Tang, Honggao	Crystal growth, Physical properties of 
	laser and nonlinear crystals, Tunable 
	laser device, Thin films
Yu, Wenhai	Fast ion conductors, Solid state 
Zeng, Huanxing	Gas sensitive character of iron oxide-
	based materials, Iron-based magnetic 
	recording medium materials
Zhang, Xingyuan	Localized  energy  states  of  
	polymers, Electrical properties of 
Zong, Huijuan	Polymer catalyst, Polymer ion-

Associate Professors
Bai, Ruke	Liquid crystalline polymers, Ring-
	opening polymerization, Flexibility 
	improvement of epoxy resins
Cai, Weili	Preparation and physical properties of 
	nanostructured materials, High 
	temperature superconductivity
Chen, Chusheng	Electrochemical ceramics and 
	inorganic membrane processes
Du, Dingzhun	Spectroscopy and macromolecular 
Li, Chun’e	Langmuir-Boldgett film, Cure 
	behavior of thermosets
Lin, Shuqin	Structure and element analysis of 
	inorgnic materials
Liu, Changhe	Fine chemicals
Liu, Wanyu	Fast ion conductors, Solid state 
Liu, Xingqin	Ceramics chemistry and engineering, 
	Gas sensing materials
Wang, Dazhi	Nanostructured materials, Solid state 
Wang, Hong	Solid state chemistry, Ceramics gas 
Wang, Yuxia	Preparation and optical properties of 
	thin films,  Solid state ionics
Wu, Chengpei	Water-soluble  polymers, Cationic  
	Ring-opening polymerization
Xu, Qinlun	Inorganic functional materials, High 
	Tc superconducting oxides
Yang, Beifang	Preparation and physical Properties 
	of  thin films,  High temperature 
Yang, Pinghua	Solid electrolytes and electrochemical 
	gas sensors
Yao, Lianzeng	Crystal growth, High temperature 
Zhang, Qijin	Rare-earth metal and C60 containing 
	polymers, Synthesis of fine polymers, 
	Functional polymer optic fiber
Zhang, Ruiyun	Structure property behavior of 
	multicomponent polymeric systems, 
	Water soluble polymer
Zhao, Jianxing	X-ray structural analysis
Zhao, Yulong	Polymeric catalyst, High strength 
Zou, Yingfang	Conducting polymers, Polymer blend

Materials Chemistry
Materials Physics
Polymer Chemistry
Polymer Physics

Laboratory of Precision Instruments
Polymer Laboratory for Young Scientists

Department of Information Management and Decision Science

Chairman:  Professor Luo, Kuang

The Department of Information Management and 
Decision Science was rebuilt in 1987 on the basis of  
the Science Information Department, which was 
founded in 1958.  The renovation brought great 
modification and remodeling to the contents of study 
and disciplines.  Bachelor degrees are offered to 
candidates who study in five-year programs for Science 
Information or Editology and certificates are offered to 
those who study in three-year programs for Marketing 
and Financial Management, two minor disciplines, 
Economy Law and Marketing are also provided.
Information management and decision-making 
science is a newly developed science of great 
importance in modern society, with infiltration of arts 
and sciences and combination of theory and practice as 
its main feature.  The department is proud of its faculty 
aiming at high starting point, broad knowledge and 
sound theoretical foundation.  It composes of 30 
members of which 10 are professors or associate 
professors.  Since the reconstruction of the department 
in 1987, more than 240 students were awarded B.S. 
degrees and 36 graduates were awarded M.S., to meet 
the needs of the economic construction of China.  Four 
graduate classes offering master degree courses were 
provided in the past years to train and educate personnel 
for enterprises and research institutes.  More than 200 
scientific papers, academic thesis or text books were 
published on which 26 were awarded as works of 
excellence, over 20 scientific research programs were 
successfully completed, of which 12 were honorary 
awarded by the Chinese Academy of Sciences, or by the 
provincial or ministry authorities concerned. 

Luo, Kuang	Philosophy, Science and technology 
Hou, Dingpei	Operations research, Management 

Associate Professors
Li, Zhengzhong  	Information science, Competitive 
Si, Youhe       	Science writing, Editology
Tang, Shukun    	Chinese literature, Editology
Wang, Mingzhao	Decision science, Economic DSS
Wang, Weiping	Compute information systems, 
	Database management
Wang, Xihua	Chinese traditional culture, Modern 
	technological civilization and S-T 
	communication, Chinese literature
Xu, Xiwen       	Chinese literature, Public relations

Information Processing Laboratory
Science and Technology Information

Department of Management Sciences

Chairman:  Professor Zhang, Shimian

The Department of Management Sciences was 
founded in 1984. It has research and teaching activities 
in broad areas of modern management, dealing with 
economic management, finance and international trade, 
technology management and management information 
systems as well as management sciences.  It currently 
has a staff of 30, among them there are 3 full professors 
and 6 associate professors. All faculty members teach 
both graduate and undergraduate subjects, in addition to 
their active research. There are about 145 
undergraduate and 30 graduate students in the 
department. The department actively conducts on-the-
job management training in assistance to country’s 
efforts for modernization.  In the past years, the 
department has awarded 165 M.S. degrees and 350 B.S. 
degrees. The Department has formed international 
collaborations with a number of foreign universities. 

Zhang, Shimian	Management decision-making, 
	Forecast technique in economy
Zhuang, Guoqiang	Theory of investment, 
	International finance
Zhuang, Hongmian	Computer  system  simulation,   	
		Management  information system

Associate Professors
Chen, Fang	Management  information  
	system,computer integrated 
	manufacturing system 
Chen, Xiaojian  		Management of enterprises,  	
		Corporate Image Design
Chu, Hsuehlin   		Technology management,  Human 
		Resource Management
Liang, Liang    	System engineering, Industrial 
Lin, Keming     	Micro-control networking, Bio-
	engineering instruments
Hu, Dasha	Management science, Operations 
	research and application

Management Science
Management Information System

Computer Information System Laboratory

Department of Statistics and Finance

Chairman: Professor Miao, baiqi

The Department of Statistics and Finance was 
formed in 1995 with three divisions: statistics and 
probability, actuarial mathematics and mathematical 
finance.  The department grants Ph.D degree in 
statistics and probability.  At present, it has a staff of 
thirteen people, among them five are full professors, 
two associate professors and eight of them  Ph.D 
advisors.  While the orientation of the department is 
theoretical, most members also have a strong interest in 
applications of statistics, including consultation and 
collaboration with subject area researchers.  This 
manifests itself not only through linkage with other 
university departments and off-campus organizations, 
but also through the Department’s Statistical Consulting 

Fang, Zhaoben  	Reliability, Mathematical finance, 	
Miao, Baiqi	Limit theory, Change point
Su, Chun	Limit theory, U-statistics
Wei, Laisheng	Bayesian statistics, Multivariate 	
Zhao, Lincheng 	Nonparametric statistics, Linear 	
		model, Limit theory

Associate Professors
Wu, Degan	Sampling theory
Wu, Yaohua	Probability and statistics

Statistics and Probability
Actuarial Mathematics
Mathematical Finance

The Statistical Consulting Center

Department of Foreign Languages

Chairman: Associate Professor Gong, Li

The Department of Foreign Languages was 
established in 1958.  Now it has a faculty of 46, offering 
a wide spectrum of courses in English, German, French, 
Japanese, and Russian.  The Department is responsible 
for the university's compulsory courses in English at 
both the undergraduate and postgraduate levels.  
Besides, it has several programs of its own, including an 
M.A. program in Applied Linguistics, some B.A. 
programs in Science English, Foreign Trade English, 
Tourism English.  The department also has an Adult 
Training Center offering  short-term intensive programs 
to scientists and scholars visiting  foreign countries.  
Attached to the Department is a Test Center directly 
responsible to the State Commission of Education and 
authorized to administer internationally recognized 
standard tests including TOEFL, TSE, GRE, GMAT, 
BEC, and China's WSK(ESP). For eight years in 
succession, USTC students as a whole have topped the 
national College English Test administered by the State  
Commission of Education.  Graduates from the 
Department now spread across the country, holding jobs 
as broadcasters of Radio Beijing, editors of China 
Daily, lecturers of English at various colleges, etc.  
Some of them are Ph.D candidates at such prestigious 
universities as Harvard and MIT.  The Department 
looks forward to expansion and international 

Ding, Qipeng	American Literature
Associate Professors
Chen, Jiliang	English language and literature
Cui, Haijian	English language and literature
Fang, Yiqing	Applied linguistics 
He, Youchun	German language and literature 
Jiang, Meisheng	English language and literature 
Li, Mengtao	Stylistics, Computer assisted 
	language learning(CALL)
Li, YuanLin	Russian language and literature 
Liu, Yuehua	English language and literature
Lu, Lizhen	French language and literature 
Wang, Jianzhong	English language and literature
Wang, Wenhui	English language and literature
Xia, Xuewen	English language and literature
Yang, li	English language and literature
Zhang, Guangqian	Comparative drama  and translation 
Zhou, Binlan 	English language and literature

Applied Linguistics
Science English

Language Laboratories

Department of Electronic Engineering

Chairman:  Professor Zhuang, Zhenquan

USTC pays special attention to train students' 
abilities in using modern electronic instruments and 
computers.  Knowledge in different areas of electrical 
engineering and electronic, computer hardware and 
software application is also paid great attention. All 
students enrolled into the university, whatever their 
specialties are, must take three to six required courses in 
these areas. Therefore, when the university was founded 
in 1958, there was such a division named after the 
Teaching Group for Basic Radio Electronics. The 
division has over the years grown into a strong 
department along with fast development of electrical 
and electronic sciences. By now there are 84 teaching 
staff and among them, 6 full professors, 33 associate 
professors.  As a teaching and research group, the 
department has enrolled 48 master degree students and 
7 doctoral candidates. The USTC Computer Center is 
affiliated to this department.

Dai, Beiqian	Speech information processing 
	and recognition, Advanced 
Liu, Zhiwan       	Electronic measurement
Shi, Zesheng       	Automatic input of  graphics
Wang, Xufa       	Computer vision, Neural network
Zhang, Zuosheng	Biomedical signal processing. 
	biofeedback, Medical 
Zhuang, Zhenquan	VLSI CAD, Neural network, 
	multimedia technology

Associate Professors
Chen, Hongliang  	VLSI CAD, Multimedia 
Chen, Lisheng      	Electronic measurement
Cheng, Yimin      	Intelligent control, Computer 
Feng, Huanqing  	Biomedical signal processing, 
	Medical instrumentation
Feng, Mingchen  	Communication system, Electronic 
Gao, Shixin      	Electronic measurement
Ge, Yun            	Circuits analysis
Guo, Li              	Circuits analysis, Multimedia 
He, Rumei            	Computer programming
Jiang, Zongzhou	Video technology, Electronic 
Li, Jiang’an	Biomedical signal processing, 
	Medical instrumentation
Li, Donglin           	Electronic technology
Liu, Genquan       	Network and graph theory
Liu, Tonghuai     	Data acquisition
Lu, Jiecheng	Electronic measurement, 
	Nondestructive ultrasonic detection
Luo, Yuping       	Computer graphics
Qian, Zhiyuan      	Speech information processing
Wan, Bingkui      	Microcomputer applications
Wang, Changfu   	Speech information processing and 
Wang, Dehua     	Electronic measurement
Wang, Dongsheng	VLSI CAD, Multimedia 
Wang, Rongsheng  VLSI CAD
Wang, Yixiao     	Intelligent control
Weng, Haiguang   	Electronic technique
Wu, Gengfeng     	Microcomputer applications
Xu, Changyan     	Computer programming
Xu, Guangzhao    	Circuits analysis
Yang, Jihai         	Functional electrical stimulation, 
	Biomedical signal processing
Yang, Jinfa          	Electronic measurement
Yang, Liyi           	Electronic measurement
Yang, Yuchun      	Electronic measurement
Zhang, Yisheng   	Circuits analysis
Zhou, Peiling       	Microcomputer applications

Automatic Input of Graphics Laboratory
Bioelectronic Engineering Laboratory
Circuits Analysis Laboratory
Computer Aided Design Laboratory
Computer Graphics Laboratory
Computer Software Laboratory
Computer Vision Laboratory
Electronic Instrumentation Factory
Electronics Laboratory
Information Processing & Recognition Laboratory
Intelligent Control Laboratory
Medical Instrumentation Laboratory
Microcomputer Application Laboratory
Neural Muscular Control Laboratory

Department for Fundamental Physics

Chairman: Professor Liu, Wenhan

Being a university of science and technology, USTC 
has as its tradition, to pay great attention to build 
students’ ability in scientific reasoning, where physics 
plays an important role. The Center for Fundamental 
physics was one of the very first teaching groups 
formed in the university.  All students are required to 
complete every basic course in physics with relevant 
experiments.  Now, this group is very strong in the 
sense of both teaching and  research capabilities.  Till 
present, there are 18 full professors and 33 associate 
professors  while 9 of them are Ph.D advisers. Professor 
Qian Lingzhao, the former vice-president is a CAS 
member.  There are  121 graduate students under the 
guidance of their professors studying for M.S. and Ph.D 

Cheng, Fuzhen	Astrophysics
Cheng, Geng	Particle theory, symmetry breaking 
	and Critical phenomena
Chu, Yaoquan	Cosmology, Astrophysics
Gu, Yan	Non-linear dynamics, Quantum chaos
Hou, Jianguo	Condensed Matter Physics
Liu, Wenhan	Microstructure, X-ray absorption fine 
Lu, Jufu	Astrophysics
Peng, Bingwen	Experimental nuclear physics
Qi, Boyun	Solid state physics
Su, Fang	High pressure physics, Nanostructure 
Sun, Zongyang	Conformal field theory, Particle 
Wang, Kelin	Bound state problem and heavy 
	flavor physics, Electron and phonon 
Wang, Renchuan	High energy physics, Gauge theory of 
Wu, Yonghua	Mossbauer spectroscopy and 
	applications, Nano-crystal materials
Wu, Ziqin	Fractal, Multilayers, Microstructure
Xie, Xingshu	Synchrotron radiation applications, 
	X-ray optics and imaging
Yan, Mulin	Nonperturbative QCD, Statistical 
	mechanical models
Zhang, Yumin	Advanced education of physics, 
	Theoretical physics
Zhang, Jialu	Relativistic astrophysics and Theory 
	of accretion disk
Zheng, Jiuren	Theoretical physics
Zhou, Youyuan	Astrophysics

Associate Professors
Cheng, Jiafu	Theory of nuclear, Fundamental 
Chen, Huiping	Vibrational spectroscopy
Chen, Zaiqun	Applications of vacuum techniques
Ding, Zejun	Condensed matter physics
Du, Yinglei	Photoacoustics and application, 
	Photothermal non-destructive 
	evaluation of coating system
Feng, Longlong	Astrophysics
Gao, Chen	Soft X-ray multilayer, Interface
Hu, Yuedong	Cosmology, Astrophysics
Huo, Jiangqing	Artificial intelligence and CAI 
Huang, Xiaofang	Optics
Jia, Chengzhi	X-ray optics and imaging
Kang, Shixiu	Micro and Nano-engineering
Li, Buoquan	Fractal, Thin Solid Films
Liang, Weisheng	Experimental nuclear physics
Liu, Fangxin	Condensed matter physics
Liu, Shenqiu	Fiberoptic sensor
Liu, Zhijing	Theoretical physics, Plasma 
	physics, Condensed matter physics
Qin, Jiahua	Theoretical physics
Ren, Duomin	Condensed matter physics
Sheng, Dingyuan	Experimental physics
Shen, Huichuan	Quantum theory, Applied 
Wang, Cunxin	Computer simulation of structure, 
	Dynamics of molecules
Wang, Tinggui	High energy astrophysics
Wang, Xiaopu	Artificial intelligence, Pattern 
	recognition fractal study of protein 
Wei, Shiqiang	Condensed matter physics
Wu, Qiang	Optics
Xiong, Yonghong	Photoacoustic effect and 	 
	Structure, Magnetism of rare-earth 
	magnetic and nanometer material
Xuan, Zhihua	Physics education 
Yang, Jinlong	Condensed matter physics
Zhang, Shuzhen	Experimental physics
Zhang, Yang	Quantum gravity and field theory, 
Zhang, Xiwen	Optics
Zhao, Yongfei	Synchrotron radiation scanning by 
	soft X-ray Microscope
Zhong, Longyun	Biomedical engineering, 
	Application of computer
Zhu, Xingfen	Astrophysics, Large scale structure 
	of universe

Biomedical Engineering
Computer Applications
Condensed Matter Physics
Theoretical Physics

Biomedical Engineering Laboratory
Database for astrophysics
General Physics Laboratory
High Pressure Physics Laboratory
Microstructure Laboratory
Modern Physics Laboratory
Mossbauer Spectroscopy Laboratory
Physics Demonstration Laboratory
X-Ray Optics and Imaging Laboratory

Division of Philosophical and Social Sciences

Director:  Professor Sun, Xianyuan

 USTC students are required to take basic courses in 
philosophy and social sciences, which is a critical part 
to prepare qualified personnel for the country’s 
development.  The Division is holding responsibilities 
to provide all the university required courses and 
electives in social sciences.  In addition to regular 
teaching duties, faculty in this division also carry out 
specific researches with the aim of developing Chinese 
social sciences.

Lu, Wenpei	Revolutionary history of new socialist 
Luan, Yuguang	Scientific creativity and its 
Qin, Yufang	Taoism philosophy, Aesthetics, 
	Aesthetics of calligraphy
Sun, Xianyuan	Maxist philosophy, Dialectical 
	logic, Science philosophy
Zhu, Chaonan	Revolutionary history of China, 
	International political economy and 
	international relations

Associate Professors
Feng, Jiangyuan 	International relations, Science and 
	technology information and strategy
Liu, Chenghua	Chinese artistic aesthetics, Chinese 
Liu, Zelun	Philosophy
Lu, Ping	Maxist economics
Shi, Yumin	Philisophy of science, History  of 
Wu, Jingbo	Philosophy
Wu, Yongmei	Revolutionary history of China, 
	College psychology
Xu, Fei	Philosophy of science, History of 
Zhao, Dingtao	Science and technology philosophy, 
	Science and technology social science
Zheng, Yulin	Economics

Division of Physical Education

Chairman:  Associate Professor Zong, Hongzhen

Physical education is an important area of education 
in this university. It is a basic requirement set for all 
students that each must take two years of regular course 
work in physical education during their four or five 
years of schooling. Therefore, The teaching division of 
physical education provides courses to all students. 
There are now 10 associate professors in the division. 
Key facilities include standard sports ground, tennis 
court, ball games' field, swimming pools and in-door 

Associate Professors
Cao, Dinghan	Calisthenics
Huang, Weizhao	Football
Jin, Guangjiang	Badminton
Liu, Qiang	Basketball
Li, Qintao	Gymnastics
Peng, Yuchun	Table tennis
Qiu, Yibing	Volleyball
Wu, Mingguan	Gymnastics
Wei, Mumin	Wu Shu(Chinese martial arts)
Xu, Xiongjie	Gymnastics
Zong, Hongzhen	Gymnastics
Zhou, Xianchou	Theory and practice of health care by 
Zhu, Xinlong	Track and field

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