Graduate School

Shi, Jihuai (Professor of Mathematics)
Vice Dean:
Cheng, Fuzhen (Professor of Mechanics)

The USTC Graduate School, being the very first graduate school in China, was founded in the University of Science and Technology of China in 1964. In 1978, the USTC Graduate School again pioneered in the country to resume postgraduate education. Master of Science degrees in China were granted to 102 graduates in the first group in 1981, and Doctors of Philosophy were granted to 6 people in the first group in 1982. Now the USTC Graduate School has titles for master of science and engineering in 46 areas, and for Doctorate in 24 areas. 7 post doctoral stations covering 17 areas have been established here by the State Commission of Education. 3 training bases for talents in science are named. 109 professors are Ph.D advisors. So far, degrees have been conferred to 226 Ph.D students and 2,476 M.S. and M. A. students.

By now, 4 academic groups have been selected as national key disciplines, namely: fundamental mathematics, computation mathematics, condensed state physics, and solid state mechanics. 10 groups have been selected as Chinese Academy key disciplines, namely: probability and statistics, theoretical physics, nuclear physics, accelerator physics and application, astrophysics, chemical physics, molecular biology and bio-physics, fluid mechanics, engineering thermo-physics, electromagnetic field and microwave technology. With strong support from the university, these areas will be further developed aiming at higher international academic reputations.

The Graduate School enrolls students from all over the country through the national graduate entrance examination. Its annual enrollment is 160 doctoral candidates and 330 for master of science and engineering. In addition, it takes 350 students per year through contracts with host institutions or by special arrangement.

Areas Authorized To Confer Master Degrees

Areas Authorized To Confer Doctoral Degrees

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