Special Class for the Gifted Young

Professor Xiao, Chenguo
Deputy Director:
Associate Professor Kong, Yan
The Special Class for the Gifted Young (SCGY) is a unique education program for the talented youth in China. USTC initiated such a program in China in 1978 following the suggestion of Dr. C. D. Lee, a Nobel Physics Prize Winner in Columbia University. Since its foundation, SCGY has been a dreamland of many Chinese youngsters who have the desire and ability to take accelerated education.

The SCGY program has enrolled 18 classes of students totaling 631. 14% of the enrolled students are females. The studentsí average entering age is under 15, although the youngest was 11 The SCGY selects students from all over the country through careful selection process as individual recommendation and the National Entrance Examination for Higher Education. Most students joining the program are two or three years younger than their fellow students.

To the present, 465 students of SCGY have graduated from USTC and 71% of them continued in their graduate studies both at home and abroad. 250 of them are Ph.D candidates in foreign universities, and over 100 have obtained Ph.D degrees. At the age of thirty after obtaining his Ph.D degree in USA, Dr.Chen Yongcong returned to China and became the youngest professor in USTC.

Schooling usually takes five years. During the first two to three years, SCGY students take classes under a special program covering fundamental courses in mathematics, physics, foreign languages, computer and liberal arts. In the later three to two years, with the guidance of their advising professors, the students are free to select majors in any of the university departments. They are encouraged to have additional courses interested. In this program, such special situations happen as to obtain dual degrees in five years, to enroll for graduate study two years prior to graduation, or to learn four foreign languages at the mean time.

The talented SCGY students are the pride of their parents, professors, the university as well as China.

Xiao, Chenguo Physics, Gifted education
Associate Professors
Cheng, Jiafu Physics, Gifted education
Kong, Yan Psychology, Gifted education
Ye, Guohua Teaching administration, Gifted education
Zhu, Yuan Teaching administration, Gifted education

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