Thomas R. Palfrey
Flintridge Foundation Professor of Economics and Political Science
Division of the Humanities and Social Sciences

California Institute of Technology


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Office: 301A Baxter Hall
Phone: (626) 395-4088
Fax: (626) 395-8967



Some recent publications


Organizing for Collective Action: Olson Revisited (with M. Battaglini), 2023. Forthcoming Journal of Political Economy.


Prisoners’ Dilemma and Coordination Games Played by Teams of Players (with J. Kim), 2023. Forthcoming Games and Economic Behavior.


Bilateral Conflict: An Experimental Study of Strategic Effectiveness and Equilibrium  (with C.. Holt), 2022. Forthcoming American Journal of Political Science.


Games Played by Teams of Players (with J. Kim and J. Zeidel), 2022. AEJ: Microeconomics, 14 (November): 122-157.


Trading Votes for Votes: A Laboratory Study (with A. Casella), 2021, Games and Economic Behavior, 125 (January):1-26.


The Political Economy of Public Debt: A Laboratory Study (with M. Battaglini and S. Nunnari), Journal of the European Economic Association, August 2020, 18(4): 1969–2012.


Ignorance and Bias in Collective Decisions (with A. Elbittar, A. Gomberg, and C. Martinelli) Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization, 2020, 174(June): 332-359.


The Effects of Income Mobility and Tax Persistence on Income Redistribution and Inequality (with M. Agranov), 2020, European Economic Review, 123:April Online Appendix.


Communication Among Voters Benefits the Majority Party (with K. Pogorelskiiy), Economic Journal, February 2019, 129(618): 961-990.


Candidate Entry and Political Polarization: An Experimental Study  (with J. Grosser), American Political Science Review, February 2019, 113(1): 209-225.


Trading Votes for Votes: A Dynamic Theory (with A. Casella), Econometrica, March 2019, 87(2): 631-652.


Recent working papers


A Note on Cursed Sequential Equilibrium and Sequential Cursed Equilibrium (with M.-J. Fong and P.-H. Lin), Social Science Working Paper # 1467, California Institute of Technology, April 2023.


Cursed Sequential Equilibrium (with M.-J. Fong and P.-H. Lin), Social Science Working Paper # 1465, California Institute of Technology, January 2023, revised April 2023.


Cognitive Hierarchies in Extensive Form Games  (with P.-H. Lin), Social Science Working Paper # 1460, California Institute of Technology, February 2022, Revised July 2023.