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A wild, original musical take on Alice through the Caltech universe

Alice is bored.
She's a new grad genius in spintronics and marionetting on a tour of Tellkech, until WB, a manic Phd candidate, drags her down a wormhole to the underbelly of the campus. Logic and reality lose ground as she gets caught in the battle between the Queen of Funding and the Dark Prince of Future Science. Dead scientists, time loops, the Cheshire Chimp and Tweedle Y & Z... Will she ever get out, or will she decide to stay?

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The Caltech Women's Club discusses "Alice" February 19, Avery Library, 11:45am
During the Caltech Women's Club program on Thursday, February 19 the playwright Brenda Varda; director Brian Brophy; actor Holly Bender (Alice); and other members of the cast will present an overview of the play, discussion of women in science, the challenges of competing attention for arts and science, and much more. Add in the buffet luncheon and s not quite the Mad Hatters tea party but it will be a delightful event. Lunch begins at 11:45 am with a buffet of salad choices, rolls, cookies and soft drinks or water. Coffee will also be available. Please RSVP at the CWC website.