Kip S. Thorne

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   Some lectures by Kip Thorne for which the graphics are available on the Web

Lectures for physicists and/or astronomers
Lectures for the general public
  •  "My romance with Caltech, and with black holes, wormholes, time travel, and gravitational waves"
    Inaugural Robert F Christy Lecture at Caltech, 27 February 2019

  •  "My Life in Science"
    Address to the Literary & Historical Society of the University College Dublin (Ireland) upon receipt of their James Joyce Award, 19 October 2016

  •  56k modembroadband cable/DSL"Words Matter: Caltech Science Writing Symposium"
  • Presentations and round-table discussion of science writing (Caltech, 21 January 2004). The panelists are K.C. Cole, Los Angeles Times Science Writer; Kip Thorne; and Lord Robert Winston, Professor of Fertility Studies at Imperial College, London. The moderator is Dr. Steven Youra, Faculty Associate in the Humanities, Caltech. Thorne's presentation begins 28 minutes, 30 seconds into the video; the long panel discussion begins 1 hour, 3 minutes, 50 seconds into the video.

  • "A new window on the Universe: The search for gravitational waves"
    Lecture at the Centenary Meeting of the American Physical Society (Atlanta, GA, 23 March 1999)

  • "Spacetime warps and the quantum: A glimpse of the future"
    Public lecture at University of California, Santa Barbara (24 February 1999)

  • "Black holes: Predicted properties and behaviors"
    Lecture at Secondary Physics Teachers' Educational Forum on Black Holes: Facts and Fiction (ITP, Santa Barbara, CA, 6 February 1999)

Podcasts for the general public

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