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Ph.D.'s Awarded by Caltech, with Thorne as the Thesis Advisor
  1. William Morris Kinnersley
    "Type D Gravitational Fields," July 8, 1968 [Co-advisor: Jon Mathews].
  2. Kenneth Charles Jacobs
    "Bianchi Type I Cosmological Models," October 1, 1968.
  3. James Reid Ipser
    "The Stability of Relativistic, Spherically Symmetric Star Clusters," April 21, 1969.
  4. William Lionel Burke
    "The Coupling of Gravitational Radiation to Nonrelativistic Sources," May 22, 1969.
  5. Clifford Martin Will
    "Theoretical Frameworks for Testing Relativistic Gravity; The Parametrized Post-Newtonian Formalism," May 14, 1971.
  6. Richard H. Price
    "Nonspherical Perturbations of Relativistic Gravitational Collapse," 1971.
  7. Bernard Frederick Schutz, Jr.
    "Relativistic Velocity-Potential Hydrodynamics and Stellar Stability," August 10, 1971.
  8. John Joseph Dykla
    "Conserved Quantities and the Formation of Black Holes in the Brans-Dicke Theory of Gravitation," September 28, 1972.
  9. William Henry Press
    "Applications of Black-Hole Perturbation Techniques," October 20, 1972.
  10. Wei-Tou Ni
    "Metric Theories of Gravity and Their Astrophysical Implications," September 11, 1972.
  11. Saul Arno Teukolsky
    "Perturbations of a Rotating Black Hole," July 19, 1973.
  12. David Li Lee
    "Frameworks for Analyzing and Testing Theories of Gravity," April 22, 1974.
  13. Alan Paige Lightman
    "I. Time-Dependent Accretion Disks Around Compact Objects and II. Theoretical Frameworks for Analyzing and Testing Gravitation Theories," February 1974.
  14. Don Nelson Page
    "Accretion into and Emission from Black Holes," May 20, 1976. [Co-advisor: Stephen W. Hawking].
  15. Sándor Janos Kovács, Jr.
    "The Generation of Gravitational Waves," May 27, 1977.
  16. Walter De Logi
    "Electromagnetic Wave Generation and Propagation in Gravitational Fields," March 1, 1978 [Co-advisor: Charles H. Papas].
  17. Carlton Morris Caves
    "Theoretical Investigations of Experimental Gravitation," May 8, 1979.
  18. Mark Edward Zimmermann
    "Studies on Gravitational Waves and Stars with Neutron Cores," December 10, 1979.
  19. Richard Alan Flammang
    "Stationary Spherical Optically Thick Accretion into Black Holes," January 4, 1982.
  20. Yekta Gürsel
    "Stability of Spherically Symmetric, Charged Black Holes and Multipole Moments for Stationary Systems," July 12, 1982.
  21. Ian H. Redmount
    "Topics in Black-Hole Physics: Geometric Constraints on Noncollapsing, Gravitating Systems and Tidal Distortions of a Schwarzschild Black Hole," September 23, 1983.
  22. Douglas Alan Macdonald
    "Black-Hole Electrodynamics," November 7, 1983.
  23. Bonny L. Schumaker
    "Theoretical Investigations in Nonlinear Quantum Optics, Theory of Measurement, and Pulsations of General Relativistic Models of Neutron Stars," May 15, 1985. [Co-advisor: Carlton M. Caves].
  24. Wai-Mo Suen
    "Dynamical Electromagnetic Fields Near Black Holes and Multipole Moments of Stationary, General Relativistic Systems," May 21, 1985.
  25. Lee Samuel Finn
    "Relativistic Stellar Pulsations," May 11, 1987.
  26. Michael S. Morris
    "The R + \epsilon R 2 Cosmology," May 20, 1988.
  27. Ulvi Yurtsever
    "Singularities and Horizons in the Collisions of Gravitational Waves," September 26, 1988.
  28. Xiao-He Zhang
    "Multipole Moments in General Relativity and Dynamical Perturbations of Black-Hole Magnetospheres," June 13, 1989.
  29. Gunnar Klinkhammer
    "Multiply Connected Spacetimes and Closed Timelike Curves in Semiclassical Gravity," May 15, 1992.
  30. Fernando Echeverria
    "Topics in General Relativity: Gravitational-Wave Measurements of Black-Hole Parameters, Gravitational Collapse of a Cylindrical Body, and Classical-Particle Evolution in the Presence of Closed Timelike Curves," August 3, 1992.
  31. Garrett Biehle
    "Studies of Stars with Neutron Cores and of X-Ray Binaries Displaying Quasi-periodic Oscillations," October 22, 1992 [Co-advisor: Roger D. Blandford].
  32. Eanna Flanagan
    "Topics in General Relativity: The Hoop Conjecture, and Theoretical Aspects of Gravitational Wave Detection," September 23, 1993.
  33. Dragoljub Markovic
    "Black Holes in the Early Universe, in Compact Binaries, and as Energy Sources inside Solar-Type Stars," February 14, 1994.
  34. Theocharis A. Apostolatos
    "Topics in General Relativity: Naked Singularities, and Theoretical Aspects of Gravitational Waves from Merging, Compact Binaries," November 28, 1994.
  35. Daniel Kennefick
    "Radiation Reaction in Binary Systems in General Relativity, and Controversies in the History of Gravitational Wave Theory," December 9, 1996; Awarded Caltech's 1997 Clauser Prize.* [Co-advisor: Diana L. Barkan].
  36. Fintan Ryan
    "Searching for Black Holes and Other Massive, Compact Bodies Using the Gravitational Waves from Binary Inspirals," May 16, 1997.
  37. Scott A. Hughes
    "Gravitational-Wave Astronomy: Aspects of the Theory of Binary Sources and Interferometric Detectors," May 11, 1998.
  38. Benjamin James Owen
    "Gravitational Waves from Compact Objects," May 12, 1998. Awarded Caltech's 1998 Clauser Prize.* [Co-advisor: Lee Lindblom].
  39. Yuri Levin
    "Topics in Physics and Astrophysics of LIGO," May 21, 1999.
  40. Teviet Creighton
    "From the Big Bang to Tumbleweeds: Analysis of Signals from Relic Gravitons, Neutron Stars, and Terrestrial Gravitational Noise in Gravitational Wave Detectors," October 22, 1999.
  41. Michele Vallisneri
    "Modeling and Detecting Gravitational Waves from Compact Stellar Objects," May 7, 2002. [Co-advisors: Alessandra Buonanno and Lee Lindblom].
  42. Yuk Tung Liu
    "Dynamical Stability of Nascent Neutron Stars," May 8, 2002 [Co-advisor: Lee Lindblom].
  43. Kashif Alvi
    "Topics in General Relativity: Binary Black Holes and Hyperbolic Formulations of Einstein's Equations," May 21, 2002.
  44. Patricia Marie Purdue
    "Topics in LIGO-Related Physics: Interferometric Speed Meters and Tidal Work," June 18, 2002.
  45. Yanbei Chen
    "Topics of LIGO Physics: Quantum Noise in Advanced Interferometers and Template Banks for Compact-Binary Inspirals," May 8, 2003. [Co-advisor: Alessandra Buonanno]
  46. Richard O'Shaughnessy
    "Topics in gravitational-wave astronomy," July 29, 2003.
  47. Yi Pan
    "Topics of LIGO physics: Template banks for the inspiral of precessing, compact binaries, and design of the signal recycling cavity for Advanced LIGO," May 19, 2006. [Co-advisors: Alessandra Buonanno and Yanbei Chen]
  48. Hua Fang
    "Topics in gravitational physics: Tidal coupling in gravitational wave searches and Mach's Principle," January 9, 2007.
  49. Geoffrey Lovelace
    "Topics in Gravitational-Wave Physics," May 14, 2007. [Co-advisors: Lee Lindblom and Harald Pfeiffer]
  50. Ilya Mandel
    "The Three S's of Gravitational Wave Astronomy: Sources, Signals, Searches," June 28, 2007.
  51. Pavlin Savov
    "Topics in Gravitational-Wave Physics," March 17, 2008.
  52. Chao Li
    "Topics in Theoretical Astrophysics," September 29, 2008 [Co-advisors: Yanbei Chen and Asantha Cooray].

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*For the PhD candidate whose research is judged to exhibit the greatest degree of originality as evidenced by its potential for opening up new avenues of human thought and endeavor as well as by the ingenuity with which it has been carried out.


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