Ph 136b is based on the text Applications of Classical Physics by Roger Blandford and Kip Thorne. It grew out of their notes for this course. The book may be published in 2017 by Princeton University Press. Until then, we have the authors' and publisher's permission to use the 2016 proof version, provided you do not post or circulate the pdfs. The publisher may come after you if you do. The chapters are password-protected and accessible only from the .caltech.edu domain. Ph 136b will cover approximately Chapters 13-23. These chapters can be accessed below.

Chapter 13: Fluid Dynamics
Chapter 14: Vorticity
Chapter 15: Turbulence
Chapter 16: Waves
Chapter 17: Compressible and Supersonic Flow
Chapter 18: Convection
Chapter 19: Magnetohydrodynamics
Chapter 20: Plasma Physics
Chapter 21: Waves in Cold Plasmas
Chapter 22: Kinetic Theory of Warm Plasma
Chapter 23: Nonlinear Dynamics of Plasmas

An older, 2012 version (significantly different in places), which includes all the earlier chapters, is openly accessible here here: http://pmaweb.caltech.edu/Courses/ph136/yr2012/

We might post additional class notes and other materials here.