Syllabus for Ph136b, Winter Term 2016/17

The class will roughly follow Chapters 13-23 of the textbook developed for this course by Roger Blandford and Kip Thorne.

Important Dates
January 5 - first class
February 3-9 - midterm exam period (this course will not have a midterm)
Feb 22 -Drop Day
March 9 - Last lecture
March 15 - Final exam due 5:00pm

Topics to be covered and tentative lecture plan (subject to change) .
1 01/05Fundamentals of Fluid Dynamics
201/10, 01/12Fundamentals of Fluid Dynamics
301/17, 01/19Vorticity
401/23, 01/26Turbulence
501/31, 02/02Waves and Perturbations
602/07, 02/09Compressible Flow, Shocks, Supersonic Flow
702/14, 02/16Convection
802/21, 02/23Magnetohydrodynamics
902/28, 03/02Plasma Physics
1003/07, 03/09Plasma Physics; Build your own receiver to listen to whistler waves.

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