Physics 136b: Fluid Dynamics, Turbulence, Magnetohydrodynamics, Plasma Physics

When: Tu & Th, 2:30-4:00pm
Where: 269 Lauritsen
Who: Sterl Phinney (web, e-mail: esp #at#
Office hours: by arrangement in or near 316 Cahill.

Due: in class Thursdays at the start of class
Returned: in class the following week. Uncollected HW will be placed in the rack to the left of 269 Lauritsen.
TA: Nick Hunter-Jones (nickrhj #at#
Help session: 7:00-8:30pm Tuesdays in 107 Annenberg (except for Jan 10, which will be in the 4th floor Lauritsen interaction space (near elevator), and Jan 17, which will be in 107 Annenberg but via skype).
Office hours: by arrangement in or near 231 Annenberg.

Final Exam cover sheet is here. Please read well before you plan to start the exam so you can assemble the recommended materials, and know the time to allocate!

Final Exam is here. Solutions. The average exam score was 42/60, with a range from 29/60 to 51/60.
The average overall course grade (50% HW + 20% Non-Collab + 30% Final) was 76%, with a range from to 61% to 91%.
Grade distribution: > 88%: A+ (3). > 80%: A (4). > 76% A- (5). > 73% B+ (2). > 67% B (5). > 60% B- (2). Grades of those who had selected P/F ranged from B- to A+ (!).