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Amnesty International

Three Good Deeds A Month

As part of Amnesty International's yearlong, USA Campaign, Group 22 has committed to doing "three good deeds a month". Each month we  address human rights in the US by educating ourselves, reaching out to the public and acting to affect public policy.
Each of our actions may be small, but if you look at them all together, they start to add up...
Educate Ourselves Reach Out to the Public Action!
February Guest Speaker:
Mary Weaver from Friends Outside
Letter to the Pasadena Star-News Letter to the Editor of Pasadena Star-News
March Juvenile Justice Discussion Farmers' Market Table Petition to Senators on CRC
April Movie: 
The Glass Shield
Table at All Saints Church Letters on
Renewal of the
Leahy Law
May Senate Bill 254
Petitions at the 
Pasadena Jazz Festival
CEDAW petitions
& letter to Rogan
June Stun Belt Discussion
& Tabling Training
Mike Males
Book Signing 
at Borders
Police Brutality Action
July Stun Belt Update Farmers' Market Table Stun Belt Petition

Stun Belt Survey 
 The results are in and they may surprise you...

Rights for All
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