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The President of the United States takes pleasure in presenting
and her attached Air Groups participating in the following operations:
March 29 to May 1, 1944, Palau, Hollandia, Truk; June 11 to August 5, 1944, Mari- anas, Bonins, Yap; September 6 to 24, 1944, Philippines, Palau: AG-2 (VF-2, VB-2, VT-2, Part of VFN-76).
October 10 to November 22, 1944, Ryukyus, Formosa, Philippines, Luzon; De- cember 14 to 16, 1944, Luzon; January 3 to 22, 1945, Philippines, Formosa, China Sea Ryukyus: AG-11 (VF-11 VB-11 VT-11). February 16 to June 10, 1945, Japan, Bonins, Ryukyus: AG-17 (F-17, VBF-17, VB-17 VT-17).
for service as set forth in the following
"For extraordinary heroism in action against enemy Japanese forces in the air, ashore and afloat in the Pacific War Area from March 29, 1944, to June 10, 1945. Operating continuously in the most forward areas, the USS HORNET and their air groups struck crushing blows toward annihilating Japanese fighting power; they provided air cover for our amphibious forces; they fiercely countered the enemy's aerial attacks and destroyed his planes; and they inflicted terrific losses on the Japanese in Fleet and merchant marine units sunk or damaged. Daring and dependable in combat, the HORNET with her gallant officers and men rendered loyal ser- vice in achieving the ultimate defeat of the Japanese Empire"
For the President
Secretary of the Navy

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