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The modern field of Structural Biology essentially originated at Caltech in the 1940's with Linus Pauling. Pauling pioneered the structure -based approach to the study of biological systems that has formed the basis for most subsequent advances in understanding the molecular mechanisms of biological systems. The objective of the present Structural Biology group at Caltech is to continue in the tradition established by Pauling to use the information obtained from high resolution structures to understand the molecular basis of biological processes. Current protein crystallographic efforts focus upon cell surface proteins involved in the immune response, nervous system and signal transduction pathways, integral membrane proteins, metalloproteins, and hyper- thermostable proteins. The Center for Macromolecular Crystallography at Caltech includes modern equipment for the collection and analysis of x-ray diffraction data derived from crystals of macromolecules. X-ray data collection hardware includes two x-ray generators, and two phosphor imaging plate detectors. Computational analysis is done using Silicon Graphics and Digital Equipment alpha workstations. NMR facilities include a 600 MHz NMR.

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