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For Fun

This page tells where in Pasadena famous films were made
You can eat worms at this restaurant at the Santa Monica airport.
Caltech v. MIT

C. elegans

WormBaseWormBook, TextpressoGenome Institute-Washington Univ,   Sanger Institute
Worm meetings
C. elegans Plasmid Repository (AddGene)
959 Nematode Genomes
Felix laboratory strain database


NCBI Home,   NCBI Blast search,   NCBI ENTREZ search,   PubMed,  

Resources for Lab Research

Locate RNAi clones using MRC site,  or Takao's site
DNA sequencing facility recommended by Todd
Genetics (pdfs from 1916)
Stereomicroscope site
Lab strain collection

Biology Journals

Caltech Library e-journals

Model Systems

Drosophila,   Mouse,   Zebrafish,   Yeast,   Xenopus Laevis,   Arabidopsis thaliana

Other Resources

Caltech Bioinformatics
Wnt Gene Homepage by Roel Nusse (Stanford)
American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS)
Society of Developmental Biology (SDB)
Howard Hughes Medical Institute
Funding sources
Virtual library (SDB)
American Colleges & Universities

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