Bulk Metallic Glass

The group has developed composite materials which employ a metallic glass matrix to achieve unusual combinations of properties for structural engineering applications. Metallic glass matrix composites have been synthesized in which ceramic reinforcement or ductile metal reinforcement is used to strengthen, toughen, and otherwise improve the engineering properties of metallic glasses. The work includes studies of impact, fatigue, and other important engineering properties of the composites. This program has a strong emphasis on applications and technology transfer.

Development of casting and processing methods for producing near net shape components of metallic glass and its composits is under way. Composites include extrinsic reinforcement, such as ductile fibers and particles, and in situ growth of beta-phase titanium dendrites in the Vitreloy (Zr based) bulk metallic glasss. As illustrated in the diagram below, toughening BMG requires adding impediments to shear band propagation, which have a size and distribution comparable to the shear-band spacing.

Some length scales for physical phenomena in the structure, processing and properties of materials.
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