Li Nanqiu
Deputy Directors:
Guo Jianxi, Fei Yekun
The library system of USTC is among the best university libraries in China according to the national library evaluation. The university library system consists of the Central Library and department branches. The Central Library is a spacious building in the center of the East Campus with a collection of over one million volumes. The total building area of the library exceeds 12,000 square meters. In addition to seating facilities for nearly 1,000 students, study rooms and closed carrels are available for faculty members and graduate students engaged in intensive researches using library materials.

The collections in the Central library contain over 650,000 books and 230,000 journals in Chinese and foreign languages. Over 3,000 kinds of current journals and newspaper subscriptions are kept. The present holdings of all university libraries total over 1,740,000 volumes. The holdings of journals mainly concentrate in science and technology as in the fields of mathematics, physics, chemistry, biology and electronics.

Among over eighty staff members working in the library, there are ten senior librarians and some documentation experts. The library strives to fulfill the curricular and research needs and interest of the students. The library's technical service departments, the circulation departments and the reader service of the acquisition department are providing satisfying service. In addition to regular circulation, the librarians provide courses on literature searching.

The new fourteen-story West Campus Library with an area of 16,000 m2 is to be finished by the end of 1995. A computer network and an automatic searching system are under installation. When completed, acquisition, sorting, coding and circulating will be computerized. Faculty and students will be able to have easy access to library documents and literature by on- line searching through common or personal terminals. It is also possible to share domestic and international databases through the All China Education and Research Network. The library system will be able to provide better services for the faculty and students.

Senior Librarian
Li, Nanqiu

Associate Librarians
Ding, Rengming	Fei, Yekun, 	Guo, Jianxi
 Ji, Guangchang	 Jiang, Wentao	 Jiang, Youzheng 
Ma, Ling 	Xia, Linan	 Yu, Zhifang
Zhao, Xingfen 

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