Key Laboratories of CAS


Laboratory of Cognitive Science (Beijing)

Director: Professor Chen, Lin

Established in 1988, this is the principal laboratory in the area of cognitive science in China. The Laboratory's founder, Professor Chen has advanced the hypothesis of the early perception of topological properties and is the Chief Scientist in the field. Research Areas: Visual perception; Perceptual organization; Selective attention; Memory and language with cognitive psychological, neuro-psychological and neutro-physiological (e.g. Brain mapping) approaches. Current projects: Computational complexity; Topological perception: a challenge to computational approaches to vision; Shape transformation in illusory conjunction; Illusion of inside/outside; The difference in roles of attention oriented with peripheral cues from that of attention oriented with central cues: a topological explanation; Early topological perception: evidence from EEG Brain mapping; Implicit and explicit memory of Chinese characters.


Laboratory of Internal Friction and Defects in Solids

Executive Director: Professor Hu, Jiankai

The laboratory was established in 1990 with three divisions: Low frequency internal friction, audio frequency internal friction, and Ultrasound divisions. Currently, the laboratory is developing international collaborations.

Research Areas: Defects in solids and their interaction; Microscopic mechanism of internal friction; Ultrasonic attenuation and velocity in solids; Dynamic behavior of internal friction; Acoustic microscopy; Ultrasonic nondestructive testing and evaluation. Current Projects: Internal friction and ultrasonic studies on high Tc superconductors; Al-Li alloy; Advanced composites; Nonlinear optical crystals; Nanosize materials.

Hu, Jiankai	Ultrasonic behavior in solids, Acoustic 
	microscopy, Ultrasonic NDT & E

Associate Professors
Liu, Wei	Internal friction in advanced materials
	nanosize materials, Nonlinear internal 
	friction in solids
Tan, Qi	Internal friction in Al-Li alloy and
Win, Yiting	Internal friction in thin film and 	
	advanced materials, Automatic 	
	measurement instruments
Zhu, Changfei	Superconductive physics, Electro-	
	magnetic ultrasonic properties in 	
	advanced materials at low temperature


Structure Research Laboratory

Director: Zhang, Yuheng, Professor of Physics
Deputy Directors:
	Zhu, Jingsheng
	Li, Xiaoguang
	Hu, Keliang

Founded in 1985, the laboratory has been equipped with large number of apparatus for investigating structure, and physical and chemical properties of materials. The lab has been available to Chinese and foreign scientists and scholars and started to receive the applications for research topics since 1985. Any valuable scientific cooperation from China and all over the world are warmly welcome.

Research Areas: New type high Tc super- conductors and super-conducting mechanism and micro- structures; Systems of Multi-layer films and Interface Physics; Condensed State Structure and Properties of Polymers; Information of Structures for Ancient Materials.

Fan, Chenggao	Physics, Electron microscopy
Ji, Mingrong	Surface and interface of artificial 
Jin, Sizhao	Condensed matter physics, Electron 
	spin resonance dating
Li, Xiaoguang	Superconductivity, Physics of low 
	dimensional materials
Mao, Zhiqiang	Superconductivity
Qu, Baojun	Structure and property of polymers, 
	Photochemistry and radiation 
	chemistry of polymers
Zhang, Yuheng	Superconductivity, Physics of low 
	dimensional materials
Zhou, Guien	Structures of high-Tc materials and 

Associate Professors

Chen, Lin	Superconductivity
Chen, Xuyu	Physical chemistry, Microstructure 
	of pottery and porcelain, Monitoring 
	and evaluation on environment 
Chi, Ginqi	Electronic technique
Hu, Keliang 	Structure and property of polymers
Huang, Yunlan	Archaeometry
Jiang, Xiangyu	Mass spectrometry
Li, Bilin	Analysis of organic and biological 
Li, Fanqing	Condensed matter physics, Structure 
	and character of the fullerene
Li, Qianrong	Organic chemistry
Li, Yuzhi	Micro-structure and physical 
	properties of low dimension iron 
	based materials
Liang, Renyou	ESR dosimetry and dating, ESR 
	study on irradiated materials
Mao, Zhenwei	X-ray fluorescence spectrometric 	

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