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The California Institute of Technology, on one of the 350 sunny days a year in Pasadena.

Church, the building containing most of our lab. However much it may look prison-like, don't worry -- you can leave whenever you want...

The first room you might see after entering the lab is the library. It is also sometimes referred to as the: break room, family room, conference room, foyer, espresso bar. We subscribe to more plant journals than you can shake a stick at.

The moose is our scruffy, all-knowing lab mascot. He has a good view of lab meetings from his high perch - if you talk for more than 30 minutes in a short-talk format, he'll give you the evil moose eye.

Here you see the newly decorated secretary's bay outside of Elliot's office. Maral (the secretary) has just stepped out for her daily microwaveable burrito.

The turnover rate among the lab fish is high, so this picture may be outdated in a matter of weeks. The yellow fish is named "Leroy", for reasons only Jeff knows. Several of us are still mourning the demise of Detlef the Shrimp.

After taking a look at the wildlife in our lab, we are now entering Elliot's realm...

All hail Chairman Meyerowitz, master of all he surveys (which is usually just the inside of his office)

In this classic photo, Elliot stands next to a masterful portrait by one of the last century's most underappreciated artists: Matthew (or was it Joseph? an Elliot F1, anyway ...). Note the exquisite attention to detail in the mustache and crossed eyes.

This is the hallway approaching the benches. Glassware cabinets are on the left, planting room and lab coats on the right. The hallway does not usually look this green.

Due to the efficiency of her patented "two pipetman technique" Liz can stop for a second to welcome you to the busy part of the lab.

Part of the room where Hao, Toshiro, Frank, Jeff, Catherine, and Arnavaz work.

Part of the room where Liz, Marcio and Carolyn work. Marcio is still working very hard to clone the infamous pacoloid12 mutant.

Catherine shares this corner of the lab with Arnavaz.

At the far right is our sleek, smart Leica microtome. This machine might look harmless but it isn't. Jeff will show you the seven stitches on his thumb if you open this link.

Our microscope room.

Part of the room where Venu, Marcus, Ansel and Pradeep work and where two labcoats, once inhabited by postdocs, have now evolved to execute their own enhancer/suppressor screens. Watch out postdocs, your old labcoats may scoop you!

"Rubber duck, you're the one, you make microarray experiments so much fun"

This is one of the two plant room that we have directly in the lab. Yes, we do have some pesky fungus gnats. However, we will turn annoyance into scientific gold once our gnat QTL project gets underway!

Happy plants in Toshiro's care.

This is one of the four growth rooms in the sub-basement -- part of our ever-expanding empire...

... where we occasionally grant some plants other than Arabidopsis asylum.

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