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Michelson and Morley built an apparatus, called an interferometer, that would measure even the slightest phase difference between light beams traveling equal lengths* perpendicular to one another. If one arm of the apparatus was in the direction of the earth's absolute motion, then this beam would be slowed by the factor gamma, and a different interference pattern would be measured.

I've set up this experiment for you right now. In your applet window I have two light pulses travelling perpendicular to one another. Press start to send them off towards the reflecting mirror. With this set-up, which statement best describes the motion of these particles: (Notice that currently you are in the Object's frame, just as Michelson and Morley were.)

A) The photon parallel to the motion of the apparatus is slowed.
B) The motion of the photons are unaffected by the motion of the apparatus.
C) The photon parallel to the motion of the apparatus is sped up.

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