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The reagents listed below are frequently requested from our lab.  Most of the antibodies have been licensed to various companies for sale.  Small amounts of antibodies to densin-180 and citron may be available; however they are polyclonal sera that is in limited supply.  Therefore, we ask that you state specifically what you wish to use the serum for.  We will attempt to supply aliquots of the serum for specific ongoing experiments.



CaM Kinase II
   6G9 - specific for alpha subunit of CaMKII.  Licensed to Affinity Bioreagents.
   22B1 - specific for all subunits of CaMKII autophosphorylated at threonine 286/287.  Licensed to Affinity Bioreagents.

   7E3 - Licensed to Affinity Bioreagents.
   6G6 - Licensed to Affinity Bioreagents.

   Polyclonal Rabbit Serum  Prepared by Affinity Bioreagents with fusion protein supplied by The Kennedy Lab.

   Various polyclonal sera.  Please inquire.

   Various polyclonal sera.  Please inquire.


CaMKII - alpha and beta subunits in pBlueScript.

PSD-95 - full length PSD-95 in pBlueScript.

SynGAP - Splice varient shown in 1998 Neuron paper, in pBlueScript.

Densin-180 - full length in pBlueScript.

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