Mossbauer Diffractometer - New System as of January, 1999

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Lead bricks on upper left are the shielding and collimator for the 57Co radiation source (collimator is shown open below). A Siemens/Nicolet area detector is the circular metal unit on upper right. The scintillation detector and preamp (middle right) are used for collecting a conventional Mossbauer spectrum from the forward beam. The sample is mounted on an arm attached to a removeable kinematic baseplate. The protractor visible on the lower right is part of a goniometer from an old but sturdy General Electric XRD-5 x-ray diffractometer. The goniometer is now used to rotate the Siemens/Nicolet detector and/or the sample of the new Mossbauer diffractometer. Data collection, Doppler drive and goniometer motion are synchronized under computer control.

Above: Opened collimator for 14.41 keV gamma-ray beam. The radiation source is mounted on the angled alumimum disk towards the right (a dummy is shown here -- the actual source is up to 145 mCi). The transducer to its right is used for energy tuning in resonance scattering. The sample for diffraction is mounted on the rotary stage at the left. The position sensitive detector is out of the figure to the left.

Mossbauer Diffractometer - Old System 1996-7

Below: Sighting along the path of the gamma-rays in the Mossbauer powder diffractometer. The Inel CPS-120 position sensitive detector is in the rear.

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