Bill Johnson Wins 1998 Materials Research Society Medal

The text below is quoted from the section "MRS NEWS" on p. 56 of the MRS Bulletin, October 1998

William L. Johnson Named 1998 MRS Medalist for Metallic Glass

The development and characterization of bulk metallic glass forming alloys, by William L. Johnson, Ruben and Donna Mettler Professor of Materials Science at the California Institute of Technology, have led to a new class of structural materials for advanced engineering applications. For his pioneering work, Johnson has been selected to receive the 1998 MRS Medal, which will be presented at the Materials Research Society Fall Meeting in Boston. He is cited for "the development and fundamental understanding of bulk metallic glass forming alloys." ...

Johnson will present his award talk, entitled "Bulk Glass Forming Metallic Alloys: Science and Technology," on December 2, 1998, at 5:00 PM in Fairfax A/B at the Sheraton, Boston.

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