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Nadia Lapusta

Professor of Mechanical Engineering and Geophysics
Division of Engineering and Applied Science
Division of Geophysics and Planetary Science
California Institute of Technology
Pasadena, CA 91125, USA
Email: lapusta_at_caltech_dot_edu
Phone: (626) 395-2277

Research Group
Administrative Contact
Sylvain Barbot, Tectonophysics
Ting Chen, Geophysics
Vahe Gabuchian, Aerospace
Srivatsan Hulikal, Mechanical Engineering
Junle Jiang, Geophysics
Vito Rubino, Aerospace
Surendra Somala, Civil Engineering
Marion Thomas, Geology

Maria Koeper
Phone: (626) 395-3385

Research Interests
  • Fracture and frictional processes
  • Mechanics and physics of earthquakes
  • Computational mechanics