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UAI 2016

Causation: Foundation to Application
Wednesday June 29, 2016
Jersey City, NJ, USA

Causation: Foundation to Application was a workshop that took place immediately after the 32st Conference on Uncertainty in Artificial Intelligence (UAI 2016).


Causality is central to how we view and react to the world around us, to our decision making, and to the advancement of science. Causal inference in statistics and machine learning has advanced rapidly in the last 20 years, leading to a plethora of new methods, both for causal structure learning and for making causal predictions (i.e., predicting what happens under interventions).

UAI as a conference offers a venue for the latest methodological development in causal inference. In this workshop we will try to complement this strength with a focus on the foundations of causal inference on the one hand, and practical applications on the other. We envision this integration of the boundaries of the field as providing a basis for fruitful discussion among researchers who do not usually have offices on the same corridor. While foundations and applications are the focus, we welcome contributions from all areas relating to the study of causality.

This one-day workshop will explore these topics through a set of invited talks, an open problems session, presentations and a poster session.

This workshop is a sequel to a successful predecessor at UAI 2015.

Invited Speakers

We are very pleased to announce our keynote speakers for the workshop:

Richard Scheines, Carnegie Mellon University

Benjamin Jantzen, Virginia Tech

Important Dates

May 11 paper submission deadline
May 20 author notification (updated to be consistent with UAI requirements)
June 1 open problem submission deadline
June 5 author notification for open problem submission
June 17 workshop paper version due
June 29 Workshop
(following the UAI 2016 main conference, June 25-28)


Frederick Eberhardt, Caltech (Chair)

Elias Bareinboim, Purdue University

Marloes Maathuis, ETH Zurich

Joris Mooij, University of Amsterdam

Ricardo Silva, University College London

Program committee

We thank our reviewers: Krzysztof Chalupka, Tom Claassen, Robin Evans, Niels Richard Hansen, Antti Hyttinen, Jan Lemeire, Emilija Perkovic, Jonas Peters, Joseph Ramsey, Thomas Richardson, Eleni Sgouritsa, Cosma Shalizi, Shohei Shimizu, Ilya Shpitser, Peter Spirtes and Jiji Zhang.