E106. Internet Business.  9 units  (3-0-6); first term 2000-01.
T, TH 7:00-8:30, Thomas 206

A New Course, INTERNET BUSINESS (E106) is being offered this quarter. The Course will cover the application of Internet technology to business problems. We will cover traditional companies as well as start-ups. No previous courses are necessary, though courses in Economics, Management of Technology and Entrepreneurship are helpful. We will use lectures, team written case studies and guest lecturers from Caltech and from a variety of companies in different phases of their life cycle. The course will cover such subjects as first mover advantage, value chains, networks, clicks vs. bricks, business models, pricing, marketing etc.

For further information, call or e-mail:

Instructor: Ken Pickar, x4185
TA: Winston Pun, x4463


Dec. 1, 2000
Added Summary/Marketing Lecture. Updated Term Paper presentations.

Nov. 30, 2000
Please download the course Questionnaire, and return it to me (Winston Pun, Mail Code 301-46) if you haven't already done it. See the Division Office for a Caltech Teaching Questionnaire. Both can also be found outside Prof. Pickar's office. Do not return the Caltech Teaching Questionnaire to me, follow the directions on the page.

All homework and Term Reports are due Dec 1 (tomorrow) at Prof. Pickar's office by 5pm. For the term reports, we require both a hard copy and electronic file (e-mailed to me).

Nov. 28, 2000
Added Term Reports on Broadband and Stock Trading.