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Ngawang Pekar

In March 1989 Ngawang Pekar, a Tibetan monk, was arrested by the Chinese government. He was sentenced to 8 years in prison for participating in a peaceful demonstration in support of independence for Tibet. In March 1996 Ngawang Pekar's sentence was increased by a further six years when he allegedly attempted to smuggle out a list of prisoners held at Drapchi prison to international human rights organizations.   (more about Ngawang)

Amnesty International works to release prisoners of conscience such as Ngawang Pekar. In 1996, the Pasadena, California chapter undertook a long-term commitment to Ngawang Pekar's case. Recently we received the following letter from Amnesty's International Secretariat in London, dated 5 September 2003:

Dear Friends,

I'm writing with the good news that Ngawang Pekar was released from Tibet Autonomous Region Prison Number One (Drapchi Prison). We presumed him released at the end of his fourteen-year sentence on 3 March 2003, but we received unofficial reports suggesting that he has been out of prison for the last couple of years. Ngawang Sandrol, a Tibetan nun, herself released on 17 October 2002 on 'good behavior parole' from Drapchi prison, confirmed that Ngawang Pekar is free in Lhasa. Other reports indicate that he is making a living as a pecha (text) chanter, but he is not allowed to re-enter a monastery. These reports seem reliable, but we have not been able to assess whether Ngawang Pekar was indeed released earlier, and if so for what reason.

We will of course let you know if we are able to obtain any further clarification, but in the meantime we will close the action file. No further action is requested at this stage.

I'd like to thank you for all your work on Ngawang Pekar's case, which may well have helped to improve his living conditions at Drapchi and secure his prompt release.

Yours sincerely,

Liz Davidson
China Team

"I am astounded when I see in front of me all the activities listed and the evidence of so many letters written for the case of my friends and my own case before I was released. All this stuns me. My heart overflows when I realize what people have been doing for us, even though they didn't know us personally."
Jampel Monlam, Tibetan former prisoner of conscience

Past Group 22 Actions for Ngawang Pekar

Group 22 thanks everyone who participated in our past actions for Ngawang Pekar. Please visit one of the links below to take action on a current human rights issue.

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