Zhongzheng (Brooks) Fu 付钟正


Postdoctoral Associate

Division of the Humanities and Social Sciences

California Institute of Technology

Email: zzbrooksfu AT gmail.com

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About Me

I am a postdoctoral scholar at California Institute of Technology in the research groups of Prof. Ralph Adolphs and Prof. Ueli Rutishauser. I am also a visiting postdoctoral scholar at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center. My primary research interest is mechanisms of decision making and learning in humans. I collaborate with Drs. Adam Mamelak, Jeffrey Chung and Chrystal Reed at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center, where we record single-unit activity and intracranial electroencephalography (iEEG) from epilepsy patients.

I investigate cognitive mechanisms using a wide range of approaches: behavioral studies, scalp EEG and intracranial EEG, human single-unit recordings as well as mathematical modeling. My thesis work is done in collaboration with Profs. Ralph Adolph and Ueli Rutishauser where I investigated the relationship between single-unit activity and event-related potentials in conflict tasks. I am also actively pursuing my research interest in understanding decision-making and learning in financial markets, as well as applying what we learn from the brain to artificial intelligence.


  • Ph.D. 2018, in Control and Dynamical Systems, California Institute of Technology (with Profs. Ralph Adolphs and Ueli Rutishauser)

  • B.Sc. 2011, Major in Physics, The University of Hong Kong