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Arxiv, MathSciNet(proxy through Caltech library)


American Mathematical Society, Chinese Mathematical Society


Berkeley, Caltech, Chicago, Columbia, Harvard, IAS, MIT, MSRI, Peking, Princeton, Stanford, Yale.


Annals of Mathematics, Geometry and Topology, Inventiones Mathematicae, Journal of the American Mathematical Society, Journal of Differential Geometry, Journal of Topology.

Computation in low-dimensional topology:

CompuTop: Contains software for low-dimensional computation.

t3m: A general Python framework for computations about 3-dimensional manifolds, including SnapPy written by Weeks, Culler and Dunfield.

Knot Atlas: Contains many knot tables and the KnotTheory`  package.

Knotinfo: Maintained by Cha and Livingston, it contains the computation of many knot invariants.

Knotilus: Converts a Gauss/Dawer code to a knot diagram. It also contains a table of alternating links up to 23 crossings.

Robert Lipshitz’s website: Contains programs related to Heegaard Floer homology.


Wolfram Mathworld

The Mathematics Genealogy Project

Mathematician Biography Index