Tamir Hemo

Department of Mathematics
Caltech, Mail Code 253-37
Pasadena, CA 91125
Email : themo_at_caltech.edu

I am a PhD student at Caltech studying geometric representation theory and arithmetic geometry. My advisor is Xinwen Zhu.

Before that, I was an MSc student at the Technion studying homogeneous dynamics under the supervision of Amos Nevo.

Here is my CV.


Unipotent Categorical Local Langlands Correspondence (with Xinwen Zhu), in preparation (slides)

Publications and Preprints

Constructible sheaves on schemes and a categorical Künneth formula (with Timo Richarz and Jakob Scholbach), arXiv preprint (2021).

(My master's thesis) Homogeneous Asymptotic Limits of Uniform Averages on Fuchsian Groups, arXiv preprint (2018).

Learning Seminars



Past events

Arbeitsgemeinschaft: Derived Galois Deformation Rings and Cohomology of Arithmetic Groups. Mathematisches Forschungsinstitut Oberwolfach, 29 Mar - 4 Apr 2021.
Hot Topics: Recent progress in Langlands Program. MSRI. April 08-12, 2019.
Arizona Winter School 2019: Topology and Arithmetic. University of Arizona. March 02-06, 2019.
Conference on Arithmetic Algebraic Geometry, On the occasion of Michael Rapoport’s 70th birthday. Hausdorff Center, Bonn. October 01-05, 2018.
SMS 2018 : Derived Geometry and Higher Categorical Structures in Geometry and Physics. Fields Institute. June 11-22, 2018.
Arizona Winter School 2018: Iwasawa Theory. University of Arizona. March 03-07, 2018.
Research School : Introduction to Relative Aspects in Representation Theory, Langlands Functoriality and Automorphic Forms. CIRM. May 16-20,2016.