Department of Mathematics
California Institute of Technology
Office: 166 Linde Hall
Email: rhzhaocaltechedu

About Me

I am a joint postdoc at Caltech and Tsinghua University researching arithmetic geometry.

I was previously a graduate student at UC Berkeley, advised by Xinyi Yuan. Before that, I was an undergraduate at Princeton University. While at Princeton, I completed a senior thesis advised by Chris Skinner.

Here is my CV (last updated 3/14/2024).

For Spring 2024, I am:


My research interests are algebraic number theory and arithmetic geometry. I am broadly interested in Arakelov geometry, abelian varieties, and Shimura varieties. I am interested in questions around heights on Shimura varieties and in particular their application to the Zilber–Pink conjecture, and the Existential Closedness Problem for the exponential function and uniformization maps of Shimura varieties.