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Welcome to Ph2b Quantum Mechanics : Winter 2020


Ph2b (Winter Term 2020) News


2020/03/31 The final exam is graded!. The solutions are available here or under the Homework/Quiz/Solutions tab. Any regrade should be requested via Gradescope until Wednesday, April 1st.

2020/03/23 A new variation for the final exam due date: Now on Friday March 27th at 4:00pm.

2020/03/12 The new due date for the final exam is Wednesday March 25th at 4:00pm.

2020/03/11Final Exam is out! Can be downloaded here or under the Homework/Quiz/Solutions tab. Your solutions are due by 4:00 pm on Wednesday 03/18/2020.

2020/03/09The due date for the final homework has been modified to Thursday 03/12. However the final deadline for half-credit is Wednesday 03/18.

2020/03/04The final homework has been updated with the additional conceptual questions. It can be downloaded here.

2020/03/03Section-2 will meet per usual on Wednesday, March 4th at 1pm but the topic of discussion will be an interesting tangent in quantum mechanics.

2020/02/25The solutions for Quiz-2 are available here.

2020/02/19Homework-6's deadline (which was originally due Thursday, Feb 20, 11am) has been extended to Saturday, Feb 22, 11am. Homework-7 and onward will be due as per usual on their respective Thursdays at 11am.

2020/02/19One of the regular questions from homework-7 has been dropped out in lieu of adding the concept questions.

2020/02/14Quiz-2 has been updated (typo corrected) in all the usual links below.

2020/02/12Quiz-2 is out! Can be downloaded here or found under the Homework/Quiz/Solutions tab. Your solutions are due by 4pm on Wednesday, 02/19. The questions span material till Griffiths section 4.1.2 including the Angular equation of the 3D Schrodinger's equation.

2020/02/06Homework-5 and onward will have additional ``Conceptual Questions". Homeworks will be updated to include these as we go forward.

2020/02/05Quiz-1 is already graded and the solutions are available here. Any regrade requests should be submitted via Gradescope until Friday at 9:00 pm.

2020/02/03The final homework 8/9 will be divided into homeworks 8 and 9. The splitting comes with an additional problem for homework 8. Check the Calendar and Homework/Quiz/Solutions tabs.

2020/01/23Quiz-1 is posted! Can be downloaded here or found under the Homework/Quiz/Solutions tab. Your solutions are due by 4pm on Wednesday, 01/29.

2020/01/14For section 2, this week (01/13-01/17) there is no recitation on Wednesday (01/15) but the recitation on Friday (01/17) will be at 1pm as usual in LAU 269.

2020/01/14 Grading schedule for the term has been added.

2020/01/08Office hours for the third recitation TA (Alex Dalzell) have been added. For the first week, Ashmeet and Kyle will cover Alex recitations.

2020/01/06Homework assignments have been added to the website.

2020/01/03First lecture on Tuesday, 2020/01/07. First recitation on Wednesday, 2020/01/08.

2020/01/03Website Updated for Winter 2020: Quantum Mechanics