Nicolas    Delfosse

Download here my Curriculum Vitae

After a master in Number theory, I did my PhD on quantum-error correction at the university of Bordeaux under the supervision of Gilles Zémor. Then, I spent a year at the CS departement of Ecole polytechnique in the Team GRACE. I worked in the Physics Departement of the University of Sherbrooke with David Poulin. I am currently Postdoc at Caltech IQIM / UCR with John Preskill and Leonid Pryadko.

During the past few years, I enjoyed teaching at Bordeaux University, in the Engineering School ENSEIRB and at Ecole polytechnique. I had the chance the teach both Mathematics (Algebra, Calculus) and Computer Science (Python and Java programming), as well as application-oriented maths such as Cryptography or Numerical Analysis, showing students that maths is part of our everyday life from secure communication to image compression.