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Kerckhoff Marine Laboratory
The Kerckhoff Marine Lab is located at 101 Dahlia Avenue in Corona del Mar, CA (tel.949-675-2159). The lab is equipped with an excellent running sea water system, and a number of wet labs as well as laboratory spaces for molecular biology or other research operations requiring instrumentation. Caltech's research boat is moored there. This is a 24-foot Monterey Explorer 230 fiberglass vessel with excellent working space, that is suitable for research diving and specified collection. The Marine Lab has what may be the world's best egg-to-egg culture system for Strongylocentrotus purpuratus, the California purple sea urchin which is the major workhorse of the laboratory of embryonic gene expression.The laboratory was acquired by T.H.Morgan soon after the founding of the Division of Biology in 1928. Among the eminent Caltech scientists who have worked there, in addition to Morgan himself, have been G.E.McGinnity, Heinz Lowenstam, Charles Brokaw and Roy Britten.