Welcome to my little niche on the net!  It's been a while since my last update, and my life has been nothing short of a whirlwind of excitement in that time.  After four torturous but enjoyable (hmm, I guess that makes me a masochist) years at Caltech, I finally graduated with a Bachelor's degree in geology this past June.  After graduation, I took a few weeks off to catch my breath, then took off for a month in Turkey, where I spent all my time studying earthquake faults.  

Right now, I'm back in Pasadena, doing research on earthquakes in California and abroad, although I plan to do a bit of traveling in the coming year.  I'll also apply to grad school this fall, which will either be right here in Southern California, or way up in Alaska.  Sure, those two locations might be two extremes, but ain't variety the spice of life?  

So enjoy the web pages I've put together.  If you think they need to be updated, you're probably right.  If you think they need to be funnier or wittier, you suck, but you're probably also right.  And if you want to drop me a line, go for it, my contact info is below.  I hope to hear from you!  

So it's not so new anymore ... 

but I'm too lazy 
to make a new header, 

and at least it's newer 
than my old home page..

Photos of me (with friends) 

Photos of some of the 
neato-cool places I've been 

Hector Mine Earthquake Pics 
Turkey Trenching Pics..

Although geology involves 
a lot of travel and play, 
My research keeps me busy 
all night and all day. 

-- And here's where I go 
to surf the internet, by the way 

A Tribute to Matthew Shepard 

Another magic Page o' Links 

Where I might be ... or at least 
where I'm supposed to be!..

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