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Hi! My name is Aron Meltzner, and I am a Sophomore at the California Institute of Technology, or Caltech, in Pasadena. I am majoring in Geology, and I am looking forward to an eventual career of research in Seismology, the study of earthquakes. I am often asked how I chose this field, and I answer that I have always been fascinated by earthquakes, and I have always known (okay, well, at least since seventh grade -- which was BEFORE Northridge and BEFORE Landers!) that seismology is what I want to spend my life studying. I love to talk about it, but don't get me started unless you have a lot of time to kill....

I grew up in nearby Santa Monica, CA, and went to Santa Monica High School. I am Jewish, and I was very active throughout high school in United Synagogue Youth. I made hundreds of best friends in USY, and I am still an Advisor at the local USY chapter in Arcadia, at Congregation Shaarei Torah.

Almost every summer, I like to visit my cousins in rural Equinunk, Pennsylvania. Located in the northeast corner of the state, on the Delaware River, it is rustic, beautiful, and relaxing, and I love to go there just to "get away." Every day is magical there, and whether I walk into town, swim in the creek, row up the river, discover a "new" dirt road leading toward the solitude of a forest, or just sit on the back porch and watch the deer eating apples off the trees, every day generates hundreds of fond new memories to last me a lifetime.

In these pages I attempt to present the passions that make me who I am. Don't worry, it's not THAT deep! Mostly, it's links and photos I took, plus a little about my current research in earthquakes. So sit back (but make sure you can still reach the mouse!), relax, and enjoy....

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